Why Having Your Distribution, Security, Storage and Cash Management Under One Banner Is Critical

As California seeks to create increased opportunities for cannabis companies to operate within its borders and thrive, it is becoming increasingly important for cannabis business owners, product growers and dispensary operators to begin thinking about streamlining operations under single company operations who bring seed to sale expertise to the table.

Effective oversight and management of such streamlined operations can ensure that your companies products lines, cash operations, storage capacity, and transportation services are being handled in the most secure, professional and legal ways possible.


While insider threats continue to hamper the cannabis industry on a whole, having a licensed and insured sole-source operator which can handle all of your distribution, transportation, sales, cash management and bulk storage needs under one banner is fast becoming a critical need for company sustainability.

Contracting with seed to sale distribution and transportation companies provide business owners with less worry and a “one-call” solution to have questions answered and solutions provided when disruptions occur within their product, services, security, transportation, delivery or distribution chains.

Full seed to sale business operations also help in streamlining cost, product loss, misinformation, reduces waste and can increase your profit margins when implemented correctly.

Business owners should look to consolidate statewide distribution, cash management services, bulk storage options, B2B payment solutions, CBD handling, secure storage, lab testing and excess equipment storage with a State of California licensed and compliant company able to handle each of these operations all with all such expertise in house.

The path to success for cannabis business operations within the State of California will be achieved through compliant sales, distribution, and logistics provided by professional, experienced, licensed, insured and business-focused companies.

Change and adaptability in the cannabis industry are necessary and requires long term strategies to ensure your companies growth model for years to come.

Thinking ahead of the curve and seeking creative ways to reduce costs, waste, time loss and money should be at the top of your “to-do” list.

Highly effective and combined distribution, transportation, security, storage, and delivery options is most certainly a great place to start.