Wiz Khalifa’s Kush Comes To Cookies Dispensaries

A multistate cannabis company helping to bring an American rapper’s cannabis brand cannabis to California dispensaries.

On Friday, Chicago, Illinois-based Cresco Labs announced that Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush brand has arrived at rapper Berner’s Cookies dispensaries across California.

The brand lineup includes cannabis flower and pre-rolls.

“We’re excited to launch Khalifa Kush in California with Cresco Labs; we’ve been working for years on this project,” says Khalifa. “The KK grown at FloralCal is the best I’ve smoked, and I’m excited for the people of California to enjoy the original KK.”

Cresco says it expects to release an expanded product line at additional retail partners throughout the year.

Cresco Labs West Region Regional President David Gacom says Khalifa has long advocated for cannabis legalization with a namesake OG strain that many enjoy.

“Today, we’re thrilled to bring his brand to cannabis lovers and his fans in California,” says Gacom. “We’re focused on bringing a curated portfolio of leading brands to California retailers, and Khalifa Kush is a natural addition with its focus on delivering top quality cannabis. We’re excited to work with the talented Khalifa Kush team to grow its cannabis and commercialize its products.”

Under the partnership, Cresco says its FloraCal Farms will produce Khalifa Kush, and its Continuum distribution platform will act as distributor.

Khalifa Kush CEO DJ Saul says both have shown themselves to be competent players in one of the most aggressive industries in the United States.

“FloraCal Farms and Continuum, with their best-in-class cultivation capabilities and significant scale and penetration, have proven to be the premier cultivator and distribution platform in the largest and most competitive market in the country,” says Saul. “And we’re honored to partner with their teams to expand Kalifa Kush’s footprint in California.”