Our goal for this page is to untangle the newly professional Cannabis event industry with all the upcoming events and industry connections worth having for 4/20/2021. Our millennia is 21 years old now, and we think it is time to celebrate our culture like it is too!

Candid Chronicle is a San Diego based company, so we are a little partial to the Farmers Cup, which is an integral and quality team we are lucky to have the luxury of calling neighbors. That being said, we chose to highlight their event this year for 420. This past year the Farmers Cup went digital and it has been more successful than ever! Here are some of the past winners from Farmers Cup 2.0:

The 1st and second concentrates winners of Farmers Cup 2020 "1ST PLACE BRASS MONKEY (@BRASSMONKEY) – SLURRICANE" and second "2ND PLACE URSA EXTRACTS (@URSAEXTRACTS) – RUNTZ DIAMOND SAUCE"We just wanted to make you drool a little bit. As you can see, this event is truly out of this world! You won’t find such an opportunity to be a judge like this with the big cannabis cups and you won’t see the brands so engaged like you do with Farmers Cup. Even with the virtual event, this is exciting!The 1st and 2nd Vape Contestant winners of Farmers Cup 2020 "1ST PLACE SUBLIME (@FUZZIESBYSUBLIME) – DOSIDO LIVE RESIN" and second "2ND PLACE SESSIONS SUPPLY (@SESSIONSSUPPLY) – STRAWBERRY BANANA"

One of my Favorite Vapes recently has been from the Sublime brand, and Farmers Cup is how I discovered this daily use Vape cartridge, and just FYI, it is always stocked at Golden State Greens in Point Loma. Farmers Cup is about building up relationships between Cannabis consumers and quality brands who are ready for feedback. The best factor that brands get excited about is the fact that feedback of Farmers Cup judges reaches each contestant. That is right, All feedback from each judge reaches the entrant of the cup! So, if established cannabis brands want to test out a new product, Farmers Cup will get you a very public focus group experience to help your brand.

Pre-Roll Winners & Flower Winners
The 1st and 2nd Pre-Roll Contestant winners of Farmers Cup 2020 "1ST PLACE CLAYBOURNE CO. (@CLAYBOURNE_CO) – FLYERS" and second "2ND PLACE SUBLIME (@FUZZIESBYSUBLIME) – FUZZIES"

If you are a new cannabis brand and want to gauge how dope your product ranks amongst competition, perfect! Nothing says good PR like public relations and transparency provided by the competition, given all judged products are unique, just submitting puts you in the hunt for consumer’s hearts. We all want to find unique cannabis products because of the excitement of legalization, which many cannot afford to do all the time. This event allows us to organize and do exactly that! Which allows users to compare product experiences and upgrade to a new brand or add a new product to their daily routine. 

The 1st and 2nd Licensed Flower Contestant winners of Farmers Cup 2020 first, "1ST PLACE ORIGINALS CA (@ORIGINALS_CA) – GELATO" and second "2ND PLACE CRAFT CANNA (@CRAFTCANNA) – OG SYRUP"

I am sure you at home have already clicked to view the ticket page, maybe the contestant entry, or have gone to find contestants from the past Farmers cup 2.0 or the original virtual cup event. The goal of this page is to highlight upcoming 4/20 events, and for that we need you!

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