4/20 Friendly Brands to Celebrate this Holiday

The countdown has begun.  We are hours away from every weed enthusiast’s favorite day of the year 4/20.

One more sleep and we all get to wake and bake with no fear of others turning up their noses because today is our day!

Our day to remember the group of five high school students, known as the ‘Waldos,’ from San Rafael, California in the 70s. As our head writer Benjie reminded us last week with the piece titled: Turn 4/20 Up To 11 about the 4/20 holiday’s most widely accepted origin story.

And if you aren’t into the combustibles I’ll be discussing here, be sure to check out the ingestible items he reviewed there as well.

With more and more states legalizing adult-use cannabis and more and more shops opening, the consumer’s options have become almost overwhelming.  And you can’t always count on a reliable budtender, or like many, you depend solely on delivery to get your good-good.

Laws and regulations have removed most of the “buying experience” because often you cannot see, smell, touch, and definitely can’t taste bud before buying.

Thus leaving the consumer to trust their instincts, others, or worse, elaborate marketing and packaging designed to make you feel that its appearance and quality should reflect the product inside.

For the Heavy Hitter


Baker’s Cannabis Co.

Baker’s Cannabis Co.–The ½ Ounce Pouch is a roll-your-own pouch that comes with strain-specific pre-ground cannabis, 40 rolling papers, and crutches.

Available in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa they promise to always appreciate your cannabis routine by keeping their prices low, quality high, and ingredients honest.

Terryn Buxton-Oakland-Extracts

Terryn Buxton (top left) founder of Oakland-Extracts

Oakland Extracts

Oakland Extracts–This premium Black-owned cannabis extract company in CA best know for OE’s signature Cookie Crumble wax, focuses on natural flavor and high potency. The brand continues to expand with a mission to promote quality over quantity, people over profits, and culture over commerce.

The owner Terryn Niles Buxton is devoted to formulating fine quality hand-crafted extracts at an affordable price. Their slogan “Terps from the Town” is very fitting, as they experiment with a variety of local strains to create their extractions.

We could also add them to the next group of do gooders since, Buxton is insistent on giving back to the community. In recognition of Black History Month, this legacy cannabis brand partnered with PAX Labs™ to release a limited edition Oakland Extracts PAX Era pod to benefit Oakland-based Supernova Women, a space for women of color in cannabis.

For a Good Cause


Brother David’s *

Brother David’s– The non-profit cannabis company created by activist soapmaker David Bronner, Brother David’s is the First Cannabis Brand to Dedicate ALL Profits to Charity.

The brand contributes all proceeds to social justice organizations seeking to restore equality in the cannabis industry. Especially among communities of color that have been disproportionately imprisoned and impoverished as a result of federal prohibition.

So not only do you feel amazing when you consume it, it also makes you feel amazing when you buy it! Available in grams, eighths, and 6 pack pre-rolls, their team aims to inform customers about the specific characteristics and qualities of Sun+Earth Certified products.  Which are grown on farms that practice regenerative organic agriculture in the soil, under natural sunlight, and by reasonably compensated farmers.

Three unique blends that all do exactly what they promote make up this line: “Rise Up, Comfort & Reflective” Blends are different blends to deliver their own THC:CBD ratio.

Brother David’s education efforts continue to concentrate on his mission to end the drug war. All these things combined make Brother David’s flower one of my favorite to smoke and to support!


Justice Joints *

Justice Joints–Also claiming to be the first standalone brand that donates 100% of its profits. Who was first, not sure, but it’s widely known that Justice Joints are a spin-off of the for-profit giant Canndescent.

It’s currently partnered with the Last Prisoner Project, and directs its profits in support of criminal record expungement, release, and re-entry programs.

Let’s start with I have an extremely high tolerance. I smoked a half gram of each: Sativa-Green Crack & Indica-Rolex OG which both tasted great on the dry hit and smell dankily delicious but delivered an extremely light high. No heady feeling on the Green Crack and very light on the Rolex OG.

I do love that they have included important statistics and facts on the packaging that everyone smoking weed should be aware of by now.

For example: “40K people are currently incarcerated for non-violent cannabis-related charges” or that “81% of cannabis businesses owners are white” and “Someone is arrested in America for cannabis every 48 seconds” also that “92% of cannabis arrests are for possession”

Please read those stats again, that isn’t a typo…

“40K people are currently incarcerated for non-violent cannabis-related charges”



Dogwalkers–These pre-rolls are intentionally sized – the mini dog is perfect for an afternoon walk while the big dog is ideal for those longer walks with your special pup, or when you have a dog walking pal that wants you to puff puff pass. Feel good by knowing a portion of proceeds goes back to deserving animal shelters across the country.

For the Luxury Lover



Beboe–Vape Pens are sparkly yet functional and intended for early afternoon enjoyment and social gatherings.

They claim that with their vape you will “enjoy a gentle, euphoric, clear-headed high unlike any other — and see the world through Beboe’s rose-tinted glasses.”

This brand has been around a long time and continues to deliver on their promise of high-end products. Probably because it’s a brand named after the founder’s grandmother who stepped in with her warmth and love to take care of the household when his mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Grandma Be boe would make brownies, one batch “unleaded” for the kids, and one “leaded” with cannabis for his mom.

Omura Series X Vaporizer

Omura Series X Vaporizer

Omura Series X *

Omura–The Series X is a sleek, design-focused vaporizer that uses a Heat-Not-Burn technology, perfect for people who want the benefits of whole flower without the burning or smell associated.  You may remember the Omura from a recent Candid Chronicle giveaway. And, the good news is this week there’s a chance to win that and other prizes like a 3-Day Farm Stay in HAWAII on our Stoner Stimulus page!

**There will be a BOGO deal on the Series X and Flowerstick packs from Tradecraft and TSO Sonoma.


Canndescent *

Canndescent–It all started right here in San Diego County.  Randall Patten, who listened to that inner voice that we all have in us tell him that he should start smoking weed at 18. Thus beginning a journey to cultivation, creating a supply chain, and transitioning the industry from the stems & seeds sacks of the past to the indoor green gold we all know and love today.

Patten’s brother-in-law Adrian Sedlin, a Harvard MBA and marketing savant graciously stepped in to take over once recreational legalization was in sight and the rest is history.

Randall left Canndescent in 2018 and formed the Torabis Group but not before leaving us with the mood-to-strain concept of classifying or marketing different types flower that we saw Canndescent do first and is widely used now.  Not to mention the Canndescent name and their “signature” orange box.

Canndescent’s luxury effects: Calm, Cruise, Connect, Create and Charge can be purchased together in their pre-roll flight as a convenient way to sample each of their effects or separately in pre-roll singles & packs as well as whole flower 1/8th and 1 gram boxes.

The samples I received were an 1/8th of the “Calm” and some “Create” and “Cruise” pre-rolls.

The “Cruise” was definitely my favorite flavor as it was super skunky on the dry hit. The high started with a bit of numbing of the mouth which was odd but overall the high clean and easy feeling. Like I could definitely cruise through whatever came my way with this bud in my blood.

I love, love, love that the 1/8th jar came with its own hemp wick and a note on why it is better for you!  The “Calm” herb had citrus notes and delivered a high that was true to its claim of relaxation, relief and “soothing yourself” which we could all use a little more of these days.

“Create” was the crowd favorite at a little Covid friendly 420 sesh with the Hemp Twins and friends providing a sweet taste with a quick-hitting and long-lasting heady high “perfect to paint, jam, code, blog or game” as the package states.  We found it perfect for putting plans together for an exciting hemp event coming soon.

hemptewins-canndescent sesh

Abigail Cuevas aka Hemp Twin with Canndescent “Create”

Since Canndescent is the number one selling luxury cannabis brand in California, we cannot wait to see what they and other brands Patten will produce next will do to affect the terroir of luxury craft cannabis.

With his hands deep into consulting on projects expanding in numerous counties in California & Michigan, Patton has still managed to begin the first step of launching (you heard it here first) Kismetics, a genetics company that will most likely follow his motto “Experience, Learn, Repeat, Teach.”

And finally…Have a bongtastic 4/20 from this Lil hippie baked with love.

* Indicates products received for review