Happiest Of Holiday Highs With Dr. Norm’s And Punch Edibles

December is quickly coming to a close, so the time is nearly upon us to kick 2020 to the curb and punch our way into the New Year for whatever lies ahead.

And speaking of punch, I’ve found a new favorite edible.

A holiday edible.

Holiday Ghoulish Delights

Last week I received a holiday care package that included something that I consider to be hands-down one of the tastiest edibles I’ve come across in my years of eating potent cannabis-infused foods.

The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland during Christmas Holiday with the Nightmare Before Christmas makeover showing pumpkins carved as jack-o-lanterns

A Haunted Mansion Holiday

If you’ve ridden the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland during the holidays within the past twenty years, then you’ll have experienced the Nightmare Before Christmas makeover that the classic dark ride normally sports between the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

But among the variety of festive transformations that the ride receives, there is one particular scene that has always held a special place in my heart because of the wonderful smell that accompanies it: the ballroom scene.

As you look down from the balcony at the Pepper’s ghost party-goers waltzing endlessly next to the pipe organ on the floor below, your Doom Buggy is treated to the delicious scent of spiced gingerbread wafting up from the monstrous gingerbread house on the dining table.

It seems as though Punch Edibles has managed to capture that beautiful scent from the ballroom scene and seal it into an edible that makes for a sweet and spirited holiday snack.

Photo of PunchBAR white chocolate gingerbread nestled into a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments in background

The white chocolate gingerbread is hauntingly good

The edible I’m referring to is the white chocolate and gingerbread Cookie Delight Punch Bar, which is only around for the holidays.

The 90mg bar is a mouthwatering white chocolate wafer backed with a sweet layer of spiced gingerbread that is full of holiday flavor.

From the first bite to the last, my taste buds were in holiday heaven! As the ginger, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg spices mixed beautifully with the creamy white chocolate.

I’m pretty sure that the bar is what the spirits in the ballroom were nibbling on between waltzes.

If you are unable to secure one of Punch’s white chocolate gingerbread bars before the end of the 2020 holiday season, fret not, for the company has a special cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day treat that will be available soon, in addition to their other delectable edible offerings.

There is Power in the Punch

Punch Edibles infuses clean and very potent distillate into their holiday and non-holiday treats. So beginners will likely want to start with a 10mg dose.

Punch has also removed the guesswork and made dosing simple by conveniently dividing the 90mg bar into nine squares that slice off easily for your preferred potency.

I generally ingest hundreds of milligrams of THC daily and wanted to test the potency of the Punch Edibles products, so I consumed the entire 90mg gingerbread bar at once before starting on the next treat in the care package.

strawberries on left and strawberry cheesecake flavor box in center with bar of Cannabis infused chocolate seen on a plate with full glass of milk in background.

Heavenly strawberry cheesecake flavor abounds

I next item I tried was the Strawberry Cheesecake Punch Bar, which is made with real strawberries smashed sweetly between wafers of delicious white chocolate.

The bar reminded me of a dessert that one might find at an upscale restaurant, in the form of a compact and potent edible.

The white chocolate, strawberry, and cheesecake flavors blended excellently in the edible, and if you love cheesecake as I do, then you’re sure to enjoy this treat as much as I did.

I should also mention that a glass of 2% milk was a perfect flavor compliment to both of the Punch Bars that I tried.

And while Punch Bars are very potent, the flavor of cannabis is all but nonexistent in them.

Punch Edibles currently only uses cannabis distillate in edible production, though the company is looking into adding solventless hash to its list of edible ingredients in 2021.

With a total of 180 hybrid milligrams of THC in my system after consuming both bars, I waited for the effects to kick in.

Silent Bob holds a box of Punch Edibles in back seat of a car, next to him is a blond female smiling, and Jay pointing at the box in Silent Bob's hands.

Punch Edibles smashes onto the big screen with Jay and Silent Bob

I figured that if Punch Edibles were good enough to make it into the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, I would be pleasantly surprised with their potency.

Simply, I will say, I was not disappointed.

I had started eating both of the Punch Bars at 3:50 in the afternoon, and the psychoactive effects were fully noticeable within about two hours, lasting through the entire evening.

The psychoactive effects of the edibles were positive and produced a light, happy, and slightly giddy feeling throughout the high, facilitating a great night’s sleep at the end of the day.

One of the features I noticed about the Punch products is the packaging and how it differs from other products I’ve seen before.

The packaging of Punch Cannabis infused edibles shown to accent the security of it as the first box is seen on the left, the plastic security child protective case in the middle and the 3rd layer of wrapper. Christmas decor in background

Keeping the Punch safe with triple protection

Punch’s tasty THC temptations come packaged in a plastic wrapper inside of a squeeze-to-open plastic box inside of a cardboard box.

The triple-layered packaging is undoubtedly designed to help prevent underage consumption of the delicious, yet powerful, treats inside.

Extensive preparation, research, and development go into creating Punch’s edible products, something that the flavors and cannabinoid effects of the edibles both demonstrate.

Punch commissioned a food scientist to create its fruit snack recipe, and the cookies that the company combines with its chocolate for the Cookie Delight line come from a local bakery.

Dr. Norm’s Cookie Therapy

Dr. Norm 100 mg Cannabis infused Cookie sits on a plate next to a glass of milk and the packaging in blue and Christmas background

Put down the Chips Ahoy, this is what you want

In addition to the Punch Edibles, there was also a selection of edibles from Dr. Norm’s in the care package that I received, so I tried the remaining items on the next day and increased my dosage to 430mg, consuming the full amount over a period of two hours.

The first treat that went for was Dr. Norm’s tasty little hybrid-effects Chocolate Chip Cookie, infused with 100mg of THC.

I can ingest much more than 100mg of THC in one sitting without issue, so I ate the delicious cookie in a couple of bites, though tolerance level will vary by individual and users should exercise caution when dosing.

three yellow, blue and red packages of Dr. Norm's cannabis cookies sit side by side with a dosing guide below each package. 100mg of cannabis clearly on all 3 packages

Dr. Norm’s more-potent cookies come with a dosing guide

In each 100mg cookie package, Dr. Norm’s includes a handy cutting guide to help consumers accurately slice off smaller doses, because you can always eat more, but you can never eat less.

Red Velvet cannabis cookie is proudly lifted up into focus and background shows a blur of a bearded man's face laughing in enjoyment.

Red velvet flavor, cannabis power

Next, I tried Dr. Norm’s potent little 100mg Red Velvet Cookie.

Energizing Sativa plants provide the primary source of power in the cookie, which is further complemented by a dose of guarana.

The next edible that I went for was Dr. Norm’s gluten-free Snickerdoodle Cookie (Indica), infused with 100mg of cannabis oil.

Making gluten-free versions of food that is normally gluten-filled can sometimes prove to be a challenge for bakers, though it does not seem to have been a problem for Dr. Norm’s.

The look on Dr. Norm's face says this Cannabis Cookie will knock you out, the cookie sits on a plate in front of a yellow package that Dr. Norm's face pops off of due to the art of the label design. 100 mg Cannabis clearly on package next to "cannabis-infused"

This potent cookie might get you snickering and doodling

If the packaging had not proclaimed that the cookie was gluten-free, I never would have known because it is a flavorful little snickerdoodle coated with plenty of cinnamon sugar goodness.

After eating the snickerdoodle, I took a break from the cookies and started into the hybrid effects Punch fruit snacks, which are made with real fruit juice.

This Punch Is Fire

I first opened the 90mg package of sweet and spicy Heat fruit snacks, packed with nine fruity little 10mg cubes stamped with the Punch logo in mango, lime, and watermelon flavors.

Punch Fruit Snack sits in foreground open showing the cannabis infused edible with Christmas tree in background.

For those who like a little fire with their fire

I enjoyed all three flavors in the package, though watermelon was my favorite.

Along with their sweetness and THC infusions, the fruit snacks also pack a bit of heat, which comes from Punch’s custom-made natural heat formulation.

The sweetness hits the tongue first before the spiciness creeps up and lingers in the mouth for a bit.

Though I did not feel that the heat overpowered the flavor of the fruit snacks, and they didn’t leave my mouth on fire. Still won’t hurt to have a glass of milk on hand for these edibles as well as the Punch Bars.

Berry Punch Fruit Snack sits on a dog as reindeer stuffed animal with the cannabis infused edible in front of the Christmas display background

Berry delicious, berry strong

Next, I sampled the 90mg Berry fruit snack pack with blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry flavors, all of which I found equally tasty.

The strawberry flavor was not as pronounced as it was in the strawberry cheesecake bar but was very enjoyable, and the package smelled like a bag of Wild Berry Skittles.

Sour You Feeling?

Next, I moved on to the 90mg pack of Punch’s Sour fruit snacks.

Punch Fruit Snack in Sour flavor "Apple Peach Watermelon" package on left with open cannabis edibles seen on right in green and yellow

Sour infused with the power of the flower

The sour candy world is full of face-puckering confections like Warheads, Lemonheads, and Sour Patch Kids, but Punch Edibles keeps its sour a little more subdued.

Achieving a balance of sweet and sour, the apple, peach, and watermelon flavors in the pack will delight your taste buds rather than pucker your face like you licked a lemon.

The green apple flavor was like a bite of a sweet and tart Granny Smith apple. The peach flavor reminded me of an authentic-tasting hard candy that I used to enjoy.

Keebler Has Kompetition

Dr. Norm's 10 mg package sits in middle with glass of milk on left and bowl of cookies on right.

The Keebler elves are jealous of these cookies

The final edible that I sampled was the bag of Dr. Norm’s cannabis-infused pecan shortbread cookies.

The 100mg bag contained ten 10mg distillate-infused cookies that were so good that I found it a bit difficult for me to stop eating them.

I ate five cookies from the bag, but I didn’t want to stop because of how tasty they were, so filled with loads of sweet buttery pecan goodness.

I can honestly say that the treats in that bag are some of the best pecan shortbread cookies I have ever tasted, edibles or not.

two ladies sit in comfortable blankets one has cannabis cookie in her hand and the other is reaching her hand into the package to get one, both have smiles and appear to be enjoying the cookies.

Try some Dr. Norm’s cookie therapy

The cookies are made with a family recipe, which explains why they are so delicious.

Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson founded the Dr. Norm’s company in 2012 in honor of their parents. Combining their mother’s famous recipes with their father’s healing spirit to create edibles that can help soothe the mind and body.

But seriously, forget Keebler and get Dr. Norm’s pecan shortbread instead; the cookies taste better and have THC in them.

It’s a win-win situation.

Just remember to use caution with this ever-so-delicious bag of potent edibles, because as Dr. Norm so wisely states on the package, “Know your dose.”

Having ingested a higher THC dose by consuming more edibles on the second day, my high was a bit stronger than it had been on the previous evening, though it was not beyond what I am used to daily.

Cannabis-Infused PUNCHBar Cookie Delight package seen up close "white chocolate Gingerbread" next to the Cannabis leaf alert icon

This is one punch you’ll wanna take

Regardless of individual tolerance level, a properly-dosed edible from Punch or Dr. Norm’s should provide a positive experience for medicinal and recreational users.

Clean concentrates and top-quality recipes make for edibles that are both delicious and potent. So, I can easily recommend all of the Punch Edibles and Dr. Norm’s products included in the care package.

2021 Cannabis Plans

If you’re looking to ring in 2021 with some potent edibles that will tempt your taste buds as well as blow your mind, Punch Edibles and Dr. Norm’s have just what you’re looking for.

If you are in California, Punch Edibles are available through 300 shops and delivery services statewide, including the popular Eaze service.