Our goal for this page is to untangle the ever-sprawling 7/10 event community of the cannabis industry to keep you in the know for upcoming 7/10 events and industry connections. For some this may be the first legal experience with Cannabis in a legal setting, and for some, it may also be their first experience with concentrates. Let’s keep that in mind as we get back to normal, a focus on sharing and empathy. This industry should be known for that, and we will pull up quick with inclusion! All events here are not paid sponsors, we wanted to get out, connect, organize and provide these events as a resource for all! 

Based in San Diego, Candid Chronicle has the luxury of being neighbors with the Farmers Cup, a phenomenal team of people we are lucky to work alongside in the community. We will be highlighting their event this year for 7/10 event community. Check out how the Farmer’s Cup 2021 went down Farmer’s Cup 420 Contest results, you can read more about concentrates in our How to Dab article, and learn more about 710 Culture in 710mph to 420. The #710mphto420 is fast brief on 710isms all neat balled up into one place; but organized. An attempt to mention as many important 710 relevant items in culture and bring attention to how things in cannabis culture are moving so fast! We need to focus on preserving a quality culture in our Cannabis Community as a whole. Let’s come together with these events and be inclusive in knowledge and kindness. We can be grounded in the fact Cannabis is being vindicated every damn day, this also means knowledge is coming in from the scientific community. 

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Help us to share all that is happening for 7/10 in your area and elsewhere. Let’s build up the 7/10 event community! If you have an event you would like people to know about, please submit the event title, location, link, and times with a brief description to russell@CandidChronicle.com – from there we will contact the event host and get their event listed. We are here for small businesses! We hope to connect to more and more cannabis ventures above and beyond the 7/10 event community so they can be included in our business directory and advertising opportunities

“Special Thank you to EventHi-IO who helped us to put this together. If you have a Cannabis event, please list it on EventHi-IO NOT ticketmaster or otherwise.” -Russell Palmer


    • Tucson:
      • Big Drip Oil Fest
        • Details: July 9th & 10th 6pm-12am
        • A Multi-Day event to celebrate 710 with performance by the “Luniz”, Live Graffiti, food, games with prizes, and many vendors all hosted by the 79th Floor.


      • San Diego: (home is first on List, come join us!)
        • Blue Dream Democrats
          • Details: 1pm-3pm
          • Join the Blue Dream Democratic Club, the Democratic Club for cannabis advocates, for our first club social gathering of the year on July 10th. The official event program will last from 1pm to 3pm.

Flyer for the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market event "7/10 Farmers Cup" a Concentrates only event for July 10th celebrations.

    •  Bellflower:
        • Two Year Anniversary for The Medicine Woman
          • Food, Music and Deals
    •  Berkley:
    • La Mesa:
      • #710 From The Soil
        • Details: 5pm-9pm
        • Celebrate 710 with hard hitting dabs and wrestling that hits harder. The only place to be for local wrestling and cannabis fans.
    • Laytonville (Mendocino County)
      • Cannabis Farmers Market
        • Details: 11am-4pm
        • This event is presented by the Mendocino Producers Guild and Mendocino Cannabis Distribution, this FREE special event will feature over 15 licensed cannabis farmers from Mendocino county who will be offering their special flowers and other goods at direct-to-consumer prices!
    • Los Angeles:
      • Dabs and Slabs
        • Details from 1:20pm-8:30pm
        • This event claims to be the “Future of Curated Experiences” with a presentation of a submersion into a suburban Nirvana for night of celebrations, live music, and a cultivated cannabis experience like no other.
          • *Disclaimer* This event is being filmed for BLOOMBERG TV and will air on the “New Frontiers in CBD” series on all streaming services.*
    • Ontario:
      • CA-Open
        • Always important to know where Snoop Dogg is, Right? 
    • Palm Springs:
    •  Perris:
    • Warner Springs:

Other State 7/10 Community Events


    • Put Your City on the Map!

District of Columbia

      • In the Capitol of the country, we can and should have a 7/10 event community! Please reach out!


    • Your event listing could reach thousands of Chicago residents!


    • All Portland City events could be listed here so all can get excited!


    • This state just sound like the best place to have an event, get it like “Merry” land, get it? lol


    • No gathering in Masses for organic gas in Mass.?


    • Your Cannabis event could be listed here?


    • All That Sky and no 7:10 High? Let’s fix that?


    • Las Vegas:
      • Vegas Cannabis Awards
        • Details: 4pm-11:59pm
        • Food, Drinks, awards but no Consumption at this event, Sorry!
      • Kush Stock
        • Details: 6pm-2am
        • Live music and drinks but again, sorry no consumption at this event.

New Jersey

New Mexico

    • Roswell doing any out of this world 7/10 events?

South Dakota

    • “What you know about rolling down in the Deep?’


    • Anyone going to let Bernie Sanders get a toke in or what??? #BurnwithBern


    • The south has legal cannabis events now too, so you don’t need to get that illegal bottle of moonshine anymore!

Virtual Events

Even if you are at home, stuck or busy working, we still want to provide a way for your to join the 7/10 Event Community! If you have an event in this category, please let us know!

  • Vanguard Media Presents: Dab Day Celebration
    • Details: 12pm-3pm
    • Celebrate 7/10 with Vanguard Media! This virtual event will have speakers on the main stage, fun session rooms, networking, and a virtual expo floor. Each ticket comes with 1 raffle entry for a prize basket.
  • Green Hub (Mexico)
    • Details: 10am-4pm (virtual)
    • Cannabis Conference for entrepreneurs from all cannabis niches to learn and gain resources for cannabis industry access.

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