710 MPH to 4/20 (2021)

Can you believe we already passed 4/20 2021? and next we have the 7/10 wave of concentrate cultural events this summer, and in some places 710 culture out under legal standings for the first time ever. Get excited! This is all good news for cannabis culture and cannabis industry a like. 

Winners of Farmers Cup Virtual 3.0

Licensed Flower Winners

  • BEST APPEARANCE: Originals Family Farms – Gelato
  • BEST AROMA: Originals Family Farms – Gelato
  • BEST FLAVOR: Originals Family Farms – Gelato
  • BEST SMOKABILITY: Stay Elevated – GMO Cookies
  • BEST PACKAGING: Originals Family Farms
  • Highest Combined Cannabinoids: Zeki Farms – Carmel Apple 34.77%
  • Highest Combined Terpenes: Zeki Farms – Carmel Apple 2.25%


  1. 1st: Originals Family Farms- Gelato
  2. 2nd: Stay Elevated – GMO Cookies
  3. 3rd: Sticky Status – K1 OG

Licensed Pre Rolls

  • BEST APPEARANCE: Cream of the Crop – Diamond Barrel
  • BEST AROMA: Weed Woodz
  • BEST FLAVOR: Weed Woodz
  • BEST SMOKABILITY: Cream of the Crop – Diamond Barrel
  • BEST PACKAGING: Cream of the Crop – Diamond Barrel
  • Highest Combined Cannabinoids: Weed Woodz 58.75%
  • Highest Combined Terpenes: Weed Woodz 1.72%


  1. 1st: Cream of the Crop – Diamond Barrel
  2. 2nd: Weed Woodz
  3. 3rd: Hammerhead Slightly Stoopid

Licensed Vapes

  • BEST APPEARANCE: Dripp Extracts
  • BEST AROMA: Dripp Extracts – Grape Soda
  • BEST FLAVOR: Outco Slapz
  • BEST SMOKABILITY: Dripp Extracts – Papaya Delight
  • BEST PACKAGING: Dripp Extracts
  • Highest Combined Cannabinoids: Sessions Supply – Zkittlez 79.33%
  • Highest Combined Terpenes: Dripp Extracts – Sour Berry 6.25%


  1. 1st: Outco – Slapz
  2. 2nd: Drip Extracts – Grape Soda
  3. 3rd: Podtones – Rosin Cart

Licensed Concentrates

  • BEST APPEARANCE: Craft Canna – Iron Triangle Kush
  • BEST AROMA: 9Cloud – Mandarin OG
  • BEST FLAVOR: 9Cloud – Mandarin OG
  • BEST SMOKABILITY: 9Cloud – Mandarin OG
  • BEST PACKAGING: Dripp Extracts
  • Highest Combined Cannabinoids: Sessions Supply – Orange Blossom 91.01%
  • Highest Combined Terpenes: 9Cloud – Manderine Og 6.13%


  1. 1st: Craft Canna – Iron Triangle Kush
  2. 2nd: Drip Extracts – Sour Berry Badder
  3. 3rd: Sessions – Orange Blossom

Licensed Tinctures

  • Fastest Acting Tincture:
    • Green Revolution – Avocado Oil Tincture

Licensed Edibles

  • BEST FLAVOR: Kiva Confections Lost Farm Blueberry Fruit Chews
  • MOST INNOVATIVE: Complement Cannabis Jello Shots
  • BEST PACKAGING: Madame Munchie French Macaroons
  • BEST EFFECT: Madame Munchie Mini Macs White Chocolate Bites


  1. 1st: Madame Munchie – Mini Macs White Chocolate Bites
  2. 2nd: PV – Love Bite Gummies
  3. 3rd: Kiva Lost Farm – Blueberry Fruit Chews


  • Hemp Product Most Innovative: Vela Extracts – CBDa
  • BEST EFFECT: Vela Extracts – CBDa
  • BEST APPEARANCE: Tree Rolls – Pre Roll Hemp Product
  • Most Likley To Buy: Lupies Gold – CBD Bath Soaks

Home Grow Competition Winners

Home Grow Flower

  • BEST APPEARANCE: @Pyramidenergy Yowie
  • BEST AROMA: @KaizenCannabis Cheat Code14
  • BEST FLAVOR: @CannaHousesd GX5
  • BEST SMOKABILITY: @PapaOG Urban Poison
  • BEST EFFECT: @CannaHousesd GX5
  • Highest Combined Cannabinoids: @Pyramidenergy Yowie 34.81%
  • Highest Combined Terpenes: @Pyramidenergy Yowie 1.73% Terpenes


  1. 1st: @S.fr3sh – Paris OG
  2. 2nd: @KaizenCannabis – Kushmints X Animal Cookies
  3. 3rd: @Lone_StarGenetix – Land Locked Island

Home Grow Concentrate Winners

  • BEST APPEARANCE: @No.One_619 – Blueberry Shortcake
  • BEST AROMA: @Tier1Farms – White Hoe
  • BEST FLAVOR: @No.One_619 – Blueberry Shortcake
  • BEST SMOKABILITY: @No.One_619 – Blueberry Shortcake
  • BEST EFFECT: @No.One_619 – Blueberry Shortcake
  • Highest Combined Cannabinoids: @Tier1Farms – White Hoe 80.96%
  • Highest Combined Terpenes: @No.One_619 – Blueberry Shortcake 5.13%


  1. 1st: @No.One_619 – Blueberry Shortcake
  2. 2nd: @CannaHousesd – MAC1
  3. 3rd: @Tier1Farms – Jungle Cake Jam


The strength of the American economy relies greatly on average American consumers. When we have a democratic leader, I believe the economy of democratic states will thrive. Regions that already have the cannabis industry will raise with the tide, and so will states that are new to legalization. The underground culture is moving to a legal light, and the network is connecting across state lines. California, Nevada, Illinois, New York, and newcomers to legalization like AZ & PA too will thrive. Cannabis Industry in succeeding in replacing the once restaurant focused Small Business class. Already in San Diego County, they are discussing issuing licenses for Cannabis Lounges, Legal Cannabis Events and reducing taxes. 

See for yourself.

Cannabis positive election results are stacking up. Things you might have missed.

  1. Cannabis Legalization Ballot Initiatives Pass In Montana, South Dakota, Arizona
  2. State Tax Rates & Revenues for Adult-Use Cannabis Across the US
  3. As of end of 2020, our scientists can FINALLY study cannabis: House Approves Medical Cannabis Research Legislation Can you believe this just passed?
  4. Remember what we said about Biden & Harris in 2020?
  5. Business Talk on Lucrative Cannabis Markets in US

and cannabis legalization support in the United States has reached a record high, according to a new Gallup poll. Several decriminalized states are releasing non violent cannabis offenders (Thank you Last Prisoner Project! ) for unjust rulings such as Nevada, overturning the life sentence to name a few of many victories. The fight for equitable cannabis industry standards and safe access to consumers continues to trend throughout the country, creating markets and strengthening communities like never before. 

What is next for the Southern California Cannabis event niche?

We said #710MPHto420 but now the newest article in series will be 710 Culture Explained and then next after that a Normalization campaign. Let’s assume cannabis can be everywhere now right? I heard recently in Oklahoma you can get a pedicure and smoke a joint! We survived Covid-19 pandemic and cannabis is actually good for fighting Covid-19 vulnerability! It seems more and more cannabis is becoming somewhat of an edge for small businesses or at least a job creator that reinforces the Small Business economy. 

Promotional Meme from Farmers Cup, scene from Karate Kid, boy waxing car, "When you're done with the car" and "I'll show you the Good Wax" as Mr. Miagi looks over the boy's shoulder

Achieving Ideal Cannabis Culture Events in 2021

This millennia is now 21 years old! Maybe this means it is the age of maturity for confronting cannabis? Some say it is the new age of Aquarius, and I too have lots of positive wishes for 2021. One text message I got New Year’s Eve claimed this is the beginning of a new age of:

“Diligence, quality and self balance is upon us in 2021” and that “the age of confusion has ended.”

This was interesting to me, about four months ago I made a very conscious decision to quit drinking. This change obviously symbolizes confusion, and life balance, so maybe this was speaking to me?

What Cultural changes might we See from Cannabis?

Could you imagine after the Covid-19 Pandemic dealing with a Drunk person? How inconvenient. One good factor of cannabis users is that stoners aren’t cheap, we aren’t aggressive, we aren’t rude, we tend to tip well, we are often kind, we tend to smell great, and bring flower where ever we go!

I do not see many young people following alcohol like they have in the past decades. I think young people can see that alcohol is a dead end. While cannabis is healing and refreshing culture with health in mind. With San Diego County making moves towards more Cannabis, do you see young people ending up in bars or Cannabis lounges of the future?

To get the answer, think about culture. Where would concerts, arts and popular people most likely be? The Fresh new cannabis café or the old bar listening to a jukebox… Just consider that Cannabis lounges could be in the Future for social and cultural events. I don’t want to surprised when the world turns upside down and cannabis becomes popular… Or maybe you already are in an upside down world as Cannabis Industry is already pulling in Billions and many local bars are closed permanently.

Some things I hope for in 2021

1) I hope people stop taking the quality found in their very communities for granted; and supporting local growers, farmers, retailers, restaurants and services of all levels.

2) That means you too Stoners! I mean, are you passing dollars on to other Pro-Cannabis individuals? Think about spending money as seriously as you voted, and do it within the cannabis community!

3) Growth with hesitation. To use this post pandemic life as a lesson. Continuing to be flexible to grow. Speaking of, I may even grow my own plants again just for fun.

4) I hope for more compassionate leadership of our country. The last administration’s greatest failure was to address all Americans with respect and decency. #WeThePeople #LeadByExample

5) I am hoping for an awesome 4:20, & 7:10 unlike any before!

Getting it Together for 4/20

In 2020, you may have missed the Farmers Cup virtual edition, if you did, oops -but no worries. I forgive you, and this year is gonna be bigger and better than ever! For 2021 will be round 3, as the Farmers Cup 2.0 in December was a blast with 5 categories and massive industry involvement from sponsors. The 7/10 Cup is also in the works, so keep your Dab Rig ready for summer 2021!

4/20 Event Listings here!

Reviews of Farmers Cup past events

We asked you Farmer’s Cup fans, participants and judges “what did you like most about Farmers Cup 2020?” and they delivered, so we created a page to discuss the Farmers Cup and other 4/20 events coming up this year! Please take a look at our campaign promoting events with no state boundaries.

Reviews of judges of Farmers Cup Virtual edition, Quotes say how they enjoyed the experience and influenced their purchases

“This cup has changed my buying habits completely!”

As you can see, Farmers Cup is more like a relationship builder for cannabis brands and passionate consumers of cannabis. I personally love this event because I found Cream of the Crop, Sublime vapes, Clone Guy, Sd Strains, Palomar Craft Cannabis and Mohave Reserve. Farmers Cup is backed by some of the best brands in the industry such as Rosin Evolution, Pink Formula, Gro-Verde, DAMA Distributing and Glob Mops.

"Farmers Cup Made it to Fobes" and "what are you doing for 4/20/2021?" on a flyer about San Diego based Cannabis Cup.

Thank you to all Judge participants, Farmers Cup team, sponsors, absolutely ALL the contestants! 


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    • Russ Palmer May 3, 2021