An Extraordinary Cannabis Tale: Part 2

By Sxott Rixhardson

IG: Everythingisgreen420

Decalcifying the pineal gland can be a tricky process. Fasting, alkaline meals, and meditation are often followed by the beginning stages of the awakening process. Emerald isn’t aware of this and struggles understanding life changes at this time. Fasting, eating cleaner and meditating is something Emerald gravitates to in this mentally exhausting time. Emerald can see straight through the government propaganda and so can the other brothers around him. 3rd platoon Lion company they call themselves. No platoon has slicker skates than these guys. Salty is there flavor and free of the military chains they dream to be. Alcohol, nicotine and a plethora of opiates is the daily buzz for all. Time goes by slowly but one by one our release dates become past memories. Emerald enters the civilian life again. He’s physically fit with a few bad habits and addictions. Fingernail-biting, Marlboro Smooths, and opiate addiction plague his days in El Cajon San Diego. The year is 2014. Emerald is embarking on a new way of life and taking full advantage of his new habitat. Cannabis becomes a catalyst for healthier thinking for Emerald. How could this be Emerald thinks to himself. The skin crawl for opiate withdrawals become tolerable with a few bowls and what do you know so does radical action. Life purpose becomes most clear with the daily use of cannabis. With every bowl smoked an enlightened idea with guided direction become easily attainable. Could it be that a plant with such a negative stigma helping a veteran overcome the daily struggles of transitioning? Emerald becomes a believer in the medical benefit of cannabis. He doesn’t fret researching the available info and history on the plant. 2 more years pass and Emerald finds himself working as an armed security guard at the local orange county dispensary. Prop 64 has not gone into effect. It’s the summer of 2016. Standing in a cannabis dispensary is not exactly where he imagined but being laid off from a truck dealer and free security certs never hurt anyone right? Emerald is learning and networking like never before. He’s apart of a team of cannabis guards who’s mission is to maintain a safe environment for all patients. Emerald quickly takes note on the pros of access to medical cannabis to Military Veterans and others. Emerald begins to dream of a world with total access to the plant. How could many military members escape the mental space that ends in suicide with such access? This thought process begins to eat away at Emerald. Little does he know that he is exactly where he is supposed to be to make a difference.

Stay tuned for Part 3