Buddha Bliss

By Cara Anderson and Kathleen McLean

IG: @carajojo

FB: Kathleen McLean

Candid Chronicle headquarters received a package of 805 Buddha Bliss products. This glorious package came full of karma candles, lip balm, balm, cannabliss oil, and their lotion. We were impressed with the labeling of each product. We were also impressed with their products being tested at SClabs, a reputable testing laboratory that developed the industry’s first testing standards. Each product contains variations of THC, CBD, and CBN. The products all have an underlying smell of cannabis, which makes sense seeing they are made with whole weed flowers. We sampled each product and the only improvement we would encourage, was the lotion was a tad oily and too thick. It actually couldn’t be pumped out of the dispenser. Other than that, 805 Buddha Bliss is the real deal. As a side note to college students, you may want to think twice before lighting the Karma candle in the dorms.

805 Buddha Bliss’ healing and pain relief balm has a smooth and consistent texture. The balm’s aromatic blend of eucalyptus and flowers hit you first when you twist off the cap. The beeswax and coconut oil balm is infused with peppermint, cinnamon, camphor, frankincense, and Melaleuca. Melaleuca is an oil that rejuvenates skin and promotes healthy immune function.

I, Cara, spent some quality time driving in the past two days and this balm is helping immensely. I applied the balm to my wrists and twenty minutes later the I noticed that my pain was eased. Then I applied it to my knees; generously on my creaky knee. The dull ache in my knees is fully gone in my left knee and considerably reduced in my creaky knee.

Obviously, this balm contains THC, as it’s made with whole flowers, but let that not be a drawback for someone that wants pain relief and has to pass drug tests. Topical THC only enters the skin and muscles; it doesn’t enter your bloodstream.

The scent is nice, the effects are relieving, and my skin feels smoother.