710 Culture Explained

Article Co-Written by Jacob Simpson of Cannabis Culture Reset. Edited in part by: both Benjie Cooper, of Candid Chronicle; & Jacob Simpson, of Cannabis Culture Reset.

Yep, you heard correctly – we’ve claimed another holiday. 

Gloriously emerging from the ashes, mental fog, and clouds of 420 celebrations across the country, cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike have only 60-some odd days before July 10th – another celebration of all things that are the great flower except the flower itself. Confused? No worries, just concentrate

Glass rig with banger and water filter with a little stain from usage

A typical Glass Dab Rig setup and what it looks like with normal usage as resin builds up on the interior of the banger connection. This water chamber is pretty typical, most rigs will have a water chamber to reduce heat and capture debris that would otherwise go throughout the glass glass chamber. Water helps to cool the inhaled smoke and keep your glass clean. Regularly changing your water is highly suggested to increase the flavor and enjoyment of each dab.

Alright, so “710” flipped upside down looks like “OIL”, especially on an older calculator, so that’s why July 10th is the chosen day that we throw a party in the name of cannabis extracts and concentrates. Rumor has it that rapper TaskRok is to credit for the holiday’s clever date from a TinyChat back in 2011 (source ). Ten points to the internet for archiving this for us, and hey, we all love a decade anniversary. Let’s make this one for the books! 

We’ve compiled this page to help you have the best 710 possible. Read on to find out more about common extract products, companies, and most recently 7/10 events

Cannabis oil, or extracts, come in a variety of forms, as you may have seen in the Farmers Cup 3.0 with five categories of products. Obviously, as many niches of connoisseurs find various ways to use cannabis, you might imagine there are a lot of terms you may not know, even if you use cannabis. You may be an expert in your niche of cannabis, but still find geographic differences in terminology.  

Torch lights up on bottom left side with blue flame as it hit the bottom of the banger of the rig to prepare for a dab.

A propane torch lights up with blue flame as it heats the banger of the rig to prepare for a dab. Ideally, you want to get the banger to higher than you want to actually melt your dab, the banger cools a little right after you stop heating it. For maximum flavor, try to get banger to 320-450 degrees, for mix of flavor and intensity 450-550, and stay under 710 as the higher temperature it gets the harsher and more likely to burn your extracts.

Types of concentrates 

  • Wax, Shatter, Badder or Budder, Rosin, Wax, Sauce, Sugar, Crumble, Rosin, Live Resin


  • Nail, Rig, Carb Caps, Bangers, Dab-tools, and E-Devices like Puffco 

Extraction Processes 

  • BHO, Ethanol, Solventless, Fresh Frozen, Alcohol, and CO2 extraction
The Dab of delicious cannabis extract sits on a dab tool nearing the 600 degree hot banger on the glass dab rig.

A juicy dab approaches the banger of our glass rig. The banger is preheated to 550 degrees and we expect a explosion of flavors and an enjoyable high.

…eerk!!! Yea, let’s stop there!

There is a lot of jargon to this new and growing industry post-legalization, and many people within the cannabis industry may be familiar with all of the terminology. But honestly, even as connoisseurs, there are still grey areas with all of the language and knowledge. There is a lot to know, and we will be the first to admit that we are still learning too and do not claim to know it all. But humbly and bluntly, here is a bit of what we here at Candid Chronicle feel is worth sharing to get you in the know.

And while we’re at it, let’s drop any elitist or exclusive attitudes about the plant we all know and love. Also, be sure to check out our #710mphto420 giveaways with the High Consultants Group ( @thcgrouppr on Instagram).

710/OIL Culture

First of all, concentrates are not new. In the forms of tinctures and hash, the practice of concentrating cannabis is very old. Nowadays, however, modern extract production is a much more complex, refined, and safer operation then that of the past. A lot of science, practice, time, and money go into making extractions safe and producing products that are delicious and potent. Legalization has enabled the funding, oversight, facilities, and personnel required to safely produce such quality extracts. The result is a potent renaissance through circles in the more progressive states.

Legislation continues to wall the typical flower user from concentrates, both consumers and producers alike, fearful of the medical and legal repercussions. Again, cheers to Last Prison Project for all their work in the name of compassionate safe access and cannabis prisoner release, expungement, and reform.

The path for extracts has not been one without massive risks, and people are still being punished for society’s ignorance of cannabis use as a medicine. Laws have particularly punished those with large amounts. Extract businesses require a lot of cannabis and equipment that would often be logged into police evidence as “drug paraphernalia.” The risks involved in losing a large lab for doing illegal activities have created a tight culture among 710 culture for users and operators. 

“What if I told you there are also subdivisions within the Concentrates industry!” -Daniel Gastelum, Dripp Extracts.

As divisive as the 50 states are about cannabis on the whole, we often overlook our internal division in the cannabis industry; something you have likely experienced before by witnessing judgement, discrimination, exclusion, elitism or other drama between fellow cannabis users! It is easy to slap labels on things that are seemingly different, and it seems humans have a bad habit of doing so. We all love the flower and we all use it for the same thing – an enhanced quality of life.

Despite the stigmas, laws, and other possible consequences, all cannabis consumers will at some point decide whether the plant is helpful to life or not. This personal decision does not require any input from anyone else, except perhaps a doctor and very close friend. But still, we all remember hearing “pothead” as a pejorative term for anyone who uses cannabis. I’m glad to say that thanks to legalization, brave new businesses, and a widening stream of education and information, the painful stigma is evaporating out of our culture. People are feeling better, and that makes life better for us all. 

“I’m just here to get level headed.”

There is a transformation that occurs when given the right key to unlock your individual EndoCannabinoid System(ECS). The ECS is a complex system of systems that controls a lot of different “locks” all over the body. When you look at the ECS, it seems really clear (to this publisher) that cannabinoids influence homeostasis, keeping all the complex communications and reactions in the body as optimal as possible. The ECS is about balance and maintaining an equilibrium. It may start to sound funny when you use more-accurate synonyms to replace the “pot” in “pot head.” A phrase like “Get on out of here level head!” sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s more truthful.

This paradigm is helpful as we put a microscope to the commercial cannabis extract world to help us keep personal judgments to ourselves and leave space enough for everyone’s well being and health. Also, all that root peace and love culture from the 60’s starts to make sense. One could almost argue that the dopey “stoner” is really just someone who is so far off their homeostasis that the on-board pharmacy (your brain, also tasked with keeping you normal and minimizing pain), is what has them looking doped up. As the brain may keep serving neurotransmitters even after cannabis has resolved the pain and anxiety, we may be able to see a lag. But really, many neurotransmitters are firing to restore a balance.

No one can say too much about cannabis as a medicine because we have just begun to allow cannabis medical research in the US via the Medical Marijuana Research Act passed last December! So the theory above is just as good as the idea that the cannabis in the 1960s could have had contaminants because it was not regulated. After all the plant may have absorbed other poisons through natural phytoremediation. Phytoremediators clean the soil and the environment of toxins. The concept is not far fetched as a scientific study in 2015 showed that 80% of their samples from California medical grade concentrates were contaminated. 

What does this mean?

Think about it a little more. For example, some may use a small amount of concentrate instead of 2 grams of flower. This hypothetical 2 grams can take a toll on lungs, require more time, or may be too loud (fragrant). The effects of inhaling THC-rich cannabis smoke last about 2-3 hours for most users. For consumers trying to mitigate chronic pain or other debilitating health issues, this dosage is inconvenient and ineffective. The costs of time, logistics, and financial resources really begin to add up. One great thing is that we are now seeing legalization support safe access to products that, just 6 years ago, had potential to be contaminated at 80%, even at a medical dispensary. 

“Most exciting thing is we are expanding our footprint, gaining traction in Terps as a priority and not focusing so much on getting high THC potency. Cannabis is becoming nostalgic with the flavors, more people are moving to have a distinguished taste and becoming connoisseurs.” –Daniel Gastelum, Dripp Extracts

Dripp Extracts is received multiple awards at the recent Farmers Cup 3.0 Virtual 4/20 where judges had a tough holiday going through 5 categories of products. Dripp Extracts entered two categories and walked away with Best Vape Appearance, Best Vape Aroma, Best Vape Smokability, Best Vape packaging, Highest Vape Terpenes, (testing at 6.25%) and 2nd Place Overall Vapes. Dripp also had wins in the most crowded Farmers Cup category with Best Packaging and 2nd Place Overall Concentrates. Dripp Extract’s victory in its first cup attempt does not come from THC isolation and some out-of-this-world high. They won because of craftsmanship, attention to flavor trends, and quality flower that delivers an experience beyond just a THC high–an entourage effect experience delivered by many terpenes and cannabinoids. Again, look at the results page, a concentrate category winner for terpenes had lower terpenes than that of a Dripp Extract vape. The robust diversity of terpenes and cannabinoids from a product like Dripp Extracts could suggest that a more quality medicine or high for user experiences is not only attributed to the delta-9 THC that has been so hyped.

Pursuit of Health, not just a High

Remember, we’re not just thinking high, we’re also thinking healthy. Those who fought for cannabis before us didn’t do so just to get high, they knew there was more that the plant had to offer.

Thanks to legalization, cannabis has helped both patients and level heads to access their own vision of a normal and healthy way of life. We have a problem in our society where robust mental and physical health are not a norm, but a luxury or even a status symbol. But as so many are still finding ways to cope and heal, normalizing cannabis use of all kinds helps normalize access to well-being for all types of individuals. Everyone is different, but we all deserve a peace of mind. 

“In cannabis, many who use concentrates may be hiding it because of social stigma; but also discretion. homeostasis is like the reset button for the old on-board system.” – Russell Palmer, Entrepreneur

Why tell people when you are going to get “normal” ?

There is an efficiency and simplicity in dosing with concentrates that makes an obvious solution for the aforementioned 2 gram hypothetical situation. One thing that you may discover is that many people are using concentrates and you are simply not aware of it. Concentrates are done on an individual basis with a personal dose, it is not typically passed around a circle.

Do you ask all your friends, coworkers and family if they are prescribed pharmaceuticals or take any other daily medications? Probably not. Imagine that with all the money and advertising we see going into big pharmaceutical companies, you likely pass people every day taking drugs that you are not aware of at all, and it has no impact on your life at all. The war on drugs told us all there was a stereotype for users of cannabis, but the truth is that the world did not turn into the aforementioned stereotype after legalization. Actually, the cannabis industry has been quite productive. Cannabis even is getting credit from scientists for helping fight the virus threat for individuals who use cannabis regularly. 

Why do we trust the many people we pass who are on lab-made mind altering substances?

The easy answer is that pharmaceutical companies have systems and institutions which we as a society easily, sometimes blindly, trust. These structures are not yet fully in place for cannabis across the country, in legalized states the benefits of concentrates are clear. The legal cannabis industry is propelled by private investment and monitored by operational oversight policies such facility inspections, standards, and licensing. As a direct result of legalization, concentrates are safer to produce and to consume than ever before. This yields a product which is better for recreational users, medical patients, and the purse.

“Don’t be afraid, it is a different experience, the taste and flavor changes you.” -Daniel Gastelum, Dripp Extracts 

Terpenes over THC

Dripp Extract’s Sour Berry won Second Place in Concentrates overall, that is just above Session’s Orange Blossom that also won for Highest Cannabinoids, testing at 91.01% (other 4/20 Farmers Cup results). This grind in potency vs flavor is right where Dripp brand wants to triumph as the double-P in their name stands for Potency and Purity. 

SOUR BERRY BADDER Product with packaging, the flavor is packed with vibrant notes of raspberry and boysenberry blended throughout this concentrate.

We asked Daniel Gastelum, President of Dripp Extracts, what his favorite Dripp Extract flavor was.

“For the perfect balance of terps and THC,” said Gastelum. “I choose the Sour Berry flavor, with no negative effects for me personally.” 

So let’s stop the judgment and help us understand one another as well as the plant we all love so much. Whether cannabis is used in heavy doses or lighter doses, flower or extract, the goal for each user stays the same; a natural sense of wellness which imbues an enhanced quality of life. The Farmers Cup 4/20/21 Trophy takes 2 hands to hold and lights up

Events for 710

As you may have seen, the most amazing event in cannabis history, the Farmers Cup 4/20 2021, was quite a heavy cannabis cup. With five categories, from flower to edibles, it took more than 100 businesses involved to make it happen. Not to mention, the actual trophy takes two hands to hold it and lights up! We hope you didn’t miss it, we really tried to be clear in our #710MPHto420 campaign.

The Full 4/20 Farmers Cup winners list can be found here!

Congratulations to the many brands that won this year at Farmers Cup 4/20! Some new brands stepped up to catch new ranks and defending champs stuck around to remain the best in the heart of the cannabis community members. A massive Congrats to Original Family Farms keeping the First place People’s Choice Best Licensed Flower and adding several best of show sub-categories with their Gelato flower.

Licensed Concentrates

The concentrates category required two dispensaries to distribute all of the judge kits. The winner of People’s Choice went to Craft Canna for their Iron-Triangle Kush, but many sub-categories went to 9Cloud for their Manderine OG, which left with the Highest Terpenes, Best Aroma, and Best Flavor and Smokability awards. Definitely, like this article describes, different strokes for different folks. The concentrates category had many winners which you can view here.

Licensed Pre Rolls

In the Pre-Roll, or Joint category as it should be called, two companies stood out. Both are absolute winners because a true connoisseur is going to look at each and purchase them. The Cream of the Crop Gardens’ Diamond Barrel took 1st place in the People’s Choice category while Weedwoodz stepped into the market with their first product, taking home a People’s Choice Second Place award. Weedwoodz also won Best Aroma, Best Flavor, Highest Combined Cannabinoids and Highest Combined Terpenes.

Licensed Vapes

The Licensed Vapes category was also interesting as a past competitor OutCo won first place in the People’s Choice category and Best Flavor with their Slapz vape cartridge. The category saw several winners including newcomer Podtones in third place for People’s Choice boasting 100% rosin. As you can see from above, Dripp brought in a lot of winning quality to keep the ranks hard to earn.

Licensed Edibles

The Edibles category was out of control with many brands competing. Avid cannabis community supporter Habit brought a delicious Kiwi Sparkling Cooler to bat, and innovative companies like Self Baked told Judges to do it themselves! If you have not had a Habit Cooler yet, you probably end up with a “the Title of the product” if you do (habit). The Madame Munchie‘s Mini Macs White Chocolate Bites were an absolute trip. The taste and the experience are why they took the People’s Choice First place!

"Farmers Cup" on a flyer for the next Cannabis event for the team. "710" is seen overlapping itself upside down as "Oil" as the next event is cannabis Oil centered in concentrated cannabis.

But do you know about The Farmers Cup 710? 

There will be 5 categories again! As you can imagine, if you dabbed this whole article, it will be all concentrates! The event will be like the previous 4/20 virtual event, allowing judges to pick up their kits before July 10th. There is more information to come, but be sure to get on as a follower of San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market’s Instagram as well as the Farmers Cup Official.

Do you know a serious licensed concentrates brand? Tell them! They can reach out to the brand directly and get involved.

The 4/20 Cup’s 3rd virtual judges event was massively successful, with mentions from mainstream media such as Forbes (twice! 1st instance). One mention featured future works with Lil Wayne at the LA Coliseum. Other than winning the Cannabis Cup, the involved brands received the most benefit from judges’ feedback, networking, and connecting to other points of this explosive industry. 

Coming Soon: Candid Chronicle 7/10 event page

Do you know about other 7/10 events in July? Please send us any events you would like listed! The 710 event page is now a completely static ‘annual 7/10 day event’ page. Only events relevant to celebrating 710 Culture, near the July 10th date will be listed. If you are in a legal state, do a search and find what is happening locally! Let us know and we will proudly list it on our new page. Thanks in advance! 

710 Business 

When we mention the cultural changes we have in cannabis and concentrates, it is easy to assume the businesses in this niche are beginning to flourish. This may be the case, but also think about all the businesses that support the concentrate industry. As mentioned in the #710MPHto420 article, the economic forces within the cannabis industry are just beginning to employ and grow. Business is a large part of what will form the new 710 culture as they influence events and media. Many new things are about to happen in the cannabis industry and cannabis events.

San Diego County has goals to become the most cannabis business friendly county in the state to attract cannabis business and cannabis tourism to San Diego.

For example, San Diego County, the second largest county in the US, is just beginning to allow legal dispensaries and has plans to adopts a pro-cannabis stance. You can see more of this in San Diego news on loosening the barriers to access for local minorities. This comes after many have fought against the hardest of barriers.   

The #710MPHto420 Campaign continues…

If you have a story regarding cannabis, concentrates businesses, or a business that supports the industry, connect with us! Candid Chronicle would love to feature your business in our business directory. We can help tell your story, cover your press release, or help with advertising your brand to the growing digital cannabis market. 

Candid Chronicle is making moves to continue the movement behind this 720 MPH to 420, as we expedite the normalization of cannabis culture.

No, we do not seek to deem cannabis something that everyone should partake in without caution. Cannabis should be as normal a beer or liquor on every menu. Why is it not present at concerts or represented as community events as a sponsor? Don’t worry, society is not going to crash from this cultural shift. Already pharmaceutical companies that have been known to end lives also advertise. If cannabis isn’t your thing, just imagine how quick the line at the beer garden will be if we have a “cannabis garden” at events? Maybe you can concentrate on enjoying your second round of beer or shots. 

See what we did there, you are partaking in 710 culture too just by being positive! 

Thank you & please comment below! 

***Updated June 30, 2021 to reflect the new 7/10 Event page**

Article Co-Written by Russell Palmer; and Jacob Simpson of Cannabis Culture Reset. Edited in part by both: Benjie Cooper, of Candid Chronicle; & Jacob Simpson, of Cannabis Culture Reset.