CREC Launches Cannabis Real Estate Finder

A specialized real estate services company in Southern California has unveiled a new tool to help agents find properties for cannabis businesses.

San Diego-based Cannabis Real Estate Consultants (CREC) today announced the launch of a digital mapping system.

Check the Map

The new system, CREC Maps, focuses on helping agents locate available properties and licensing opportunities.

CREC says that the system can provide real-time data, filtering results by region and regulations instantly.

CREC Maps, a part of the CREC Portal, allows users to select their search area in the U.S. and view local cannabis regulations and zoning details.

“Our technology is quickly scaling nationwide,” says CREC CMO Roger Tower. “And will give real estate agents a big upper hand in comparison with their previous, inundated methods for finding real estate/licensing opportunities in cannabis zoning.”

The program presents real-time data about available cannabis business opportunities, allowing users to view the most viable properties in their area of choice.

Formidible Functionality

CREC says that the proprietary tools in the Portal stem from five years worth of in-depth maps, city regulations, and in-house lead flow research.

According to CREC, the mapping tool can facilitate bigger, quicker, and better opportunities when used in conjunction with other Portal tools.

CREC says the tools address key problems faced by real estate agents as continued industry growth makes keeping up with regulations more difficult.

“Focused in cannabis real estate transactions, I was craving more information to handle my deals,” says CREC Managing Director Miklos Campuzano. “Now, with CREC Portal, I get access to relevant data and mapping, which has made my life a lot easier, and I am consistently closing more deals. It’s really exciting we can now offer this technology to other agents and professionals across the country.”

Map to the Future

CREC Maps provides agents with access to data on viable parcels, green zones, property reports, expiring leases, and more.

According to the company, the CREC Network and Portal is designed to introduce agents to the cannabis industry and simplify its navigation while teaching about completing real estate, licensing, and cannabis deals.

CREC CEO Erich Rubio says that the new mapping tools are an exciting addition to the company’s real estate services.

“By hearing from our clients and researching our potential options, it is really exciting to release these tools to the public,” says Rubio. “Our agents have seen substantial growth after they incorporated our tools into their operations.”

CREC says that Portal Maps is available for CREC Network members who have built a comprehensive repository of “buyers, sellers, properties, licenses, and investors researched by the company’s compliance team for CREC registered agents.”

The company encourages interested real estate agents to contact them for additional information regarding the CREC Portal & Network Associate Program.