Since 1975 Dark Chocolate Review

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

The Since 1975 Dark Chocolate bar is classy. From the sturdy navy packaging to the dimpled gold foil inside the box, and the reasonable bite sizes stamped into the chocolate bar. I love that the box says to enjoy this chocolate as one would enjoy a glass of wine.

The unwrapping experience felt special and carefully planned. I felt like Charlie discovering my golden ticket. The chocolate itself is smooth with a mellow cannabis flavor. I keep my chocolate in the freezer; I must’ve taken 8 minutes unwrapping the box and reading the package, by the time I got to taste the chocolate it was the perfect temperature and texture.

I think the packaging is lacking some information. The front of the box has no mention of cannabis, for children who may not be inclined to read the back of a chocolate bar, this could present a problem. Additionally, the packaging has no information about how much THC is in the chocolate bar.

I looked it up on their site,, and the candy bars are infused with 160 mg of pure THC. The THC is derived from Since 1975’s signature strain. As the chocolate bar is divided into eight pieces, each square should have 20 mg of THC. I broke one of the squares in half to keep myself at 10 mg. I like to microdose with edibles. In other words, I have a very small tolerance. I feel nice, at ease, exactly how I hoped to feel.