She Hid The Weed Where?

By Benjie Cooper

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Doctors at the Reuben Lenero hospital in Mexico City are used to delivering babies, but when a 36-year-old woman, Gloria C. came in complaining of abdominal pains and that she couldn’t feel her baby, a different kind of delivery was made.

After doctors could not detect a baby’s heartbeat, they transferred Gloria to a specialist women’s hospital where they decided to operate.

When doctors were operating on the woman, they discovered 1 kilogram of recently-harvested cannabis in her vagina and abdomen. According to reports, the marijuana was wrapped in masking tape that had broken and clumps of earth were still attached.

The operating physician, Lourdes Yanez, removed the cannabis from the woman’s body and turned it over to the Public Ministry as evidence.

Authorities arrested Gloria and charged her with crimes against health but released her after they determined that they couldn’t legally detain her.

Gloria would not disclose where the marijuana came from but authorities are continuing to investigate the woman as she was convicted of similar crimes in 2010 and 2015.