Anyone else love Baby Jeeter prerolls?

Finally! Someone made a preroll joint sized just for me. Old-school, hand-rolled joints are a great size, but someone has to roll them… and that person isn’t me. I’m not unwilling, but they look idiotic and don’t hit like a dream. The world of prerolls appealed to me, but I don’t smoke a 1g joint in one sitting; more like three or four. I have always felt like I was wasting a lot of good flower each time I ended my sesh without finishing it. At $20-30 per infused joint, losing half of it hurt my thrifty a little bit.

Enter Baby Jeeters, five 0.5g cannabis prerolls, covered in kief, and sold “in a pocket-size glass jar.” My sativa Tropicana Cookies prerolls are 2.5g of cannabis and, including keif, 31% THC (0 CBD). They run about $35 and are widely available in SoCal dispensaries.

One Baby Jeeter with my husband is the perfect sunset buzz. Of course, someone looking to go harder should enjoy the whole thing – no sharing required at this size.

Baby Jeeter sunset ritual

Dream Fields, the manufacturers out of Dessert Hot Springs, CA, says that the name Jeeter comes from South Florida, where “jeeter” was local slang for joints. I’m from Southern Florida, but I had never heard the term. Has anyone else heard this slang before? Either way, Pass the Jeeter!


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