Bella Thorne And Glass House Group Launch Cannabis And CBD Brand In California

California cannabis company Glass House Group (GHG) and actress Bella Thorne have announced the launch of Forbidden Flowers, a new cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) brand.

Thorne, also a talented dancer, musician, author, artist, and director, says that she has struggled with anxiety for many years and has found cannabis to be the one thing that provides her with the most amount of healing.

She says that cannabis gives her a natural way to cope with anxiety without doctors trying to fix it with prescription drugs.

Thorne, who worked closely with GHG to create the Forbidden Flowers line, plans to share with her 21 million social media followers how she uses cannabis in daily life and her health and wellness regime.

“It’s been great spending time with Bella and getting to know and understand her as an individual before we created her brand together,” said Glass House Group CMO Groovy Singh. “Her creative direction on Forbidden Flowers is what Bella handpicked at our grow, consumed and loved. At a time when more people are exploring the power of cannabis, we look forward to introducing a whole new community to the benefits of cannabis and to Bella sharing with her fans and consumers the ways she incorporates cannabis and CBD into her daily lifestyle.”

GHG President Graham Farrar says that the new Forbidden Flowers product line is grown at their state-of-the-art Glass House Farms facility in California where they brought in strains that had been cultivated specifically for Thorne.

The initial launch, dubbed the Forbidden Flowers Tour, kicked off on at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 10 on the Forbidden Flowers Instagram page, revealing the first retail location in Los Angeles where products can be purchased beginning on Friday, October 11.

Forbidden Flowers products will be available at one additional location per-week for six weeks with more California locations to be announced on the seventh week.

Thorne’s new line includes Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD flower varieties which come in glass jar eighths as well as pre-roll five-packs and singles.