Big Baby Busted Bearing Buds

By Benjie Cooper

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Glen “Big Baby” Davis last played for the NBA in 2015 when he was with the Clippers, but gained notoriety in the league on account of his performance with the Boston Celtics during the 2008 championship season. Davis also played for the Orlando Magic from 2011-2014.

Glen “Big Baby” Davis

But during a trip to Maryland last month, Davis was arrested at a Hampton Inn in Aberdeen after law enforcement allegedly found him with 126 grams of cannabis and $94,164 in a briefcase. A ledger was also recovered which Aberdeen police say contained language that led them to believe it was used for the sale and distribution of narcotics.

The owner of the hotel Davis was staying at reportedly smelled marijuana smoke coming from the former NBA star’s room and knocked on the door. When a voice from inside told him to “F— off,” the owner called the police.

Aberdeen Hampton Inn Where Davis Was Arrested

When officers arrived at Davis’ room, he gave them signed consent to search his hotel room. After a thorough investigation, they found the money, ledger, and bags for packaging a quarter-pound of cannabis.

Davis told the police that the marijuana was from a Los Angeles wholesaler with whom he is in business, and that he was in Maryland at the time to visit family.

Police arrested Davis and charged him with seven counts of drug possession and distribution.

“There was a statement that was made about the purpose of the trip,” said Aberdeen Lieutenant William Reiber in an interview with WMAR Baltimore. “There was an investigation; it is still ongoing. It is still making its way through the justice system.”

Davis is firmly maintaining his innocence and is scheduled to appear in a Bel Air court in early April where he says he hopes to clear his name. Until then, neither Glen nor his attorney are offering any more details about the case.