Big Bear Dispensary Church Raided

By Benjie Cooper

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Thursday morning, San Bernadino Sheriffs conducted a raid of the Jah Healing Kemetic Temple of the Divine Church in Big Bear, a church/dispensary that claims to use cannabis as part of their worship.

“We are an open faith ministry and wellness center the (sic) embraces cannabis as a sacrament,” reads Jah Healing’s profile on Weedmaps. “Our mission is to help those with an open mind find a higher level of spiritual consciousness. Our sacrament is always blessed by our congregations ministers and we pride the highest quality cannabis available to our congregation.”

Details of the raid have not been released by the Sheriff’s Department though more information is expected to come out after they have finished with their investigation.

Jah Healing Kemetic Temple of the Divine Church

The San Bernadino location is one of multiple Jah Healing Temples in California, but not the only cannabis church in the state that is dealing with legal troubles.

The Church of Hundred Harmonies in La Puente filed a lawsuit in March in response to Los Angeles County Sheriffs raiding their facility in November. The suit seeks monetary damages as well as an injunction against law enforcement to prevent future raids.

The church belongs to a larger group known as the Association of Sacramental Ministries that see cannabis as sacred. Marijuana sacraments could be purchased in one area of the church and then brought to the sanctuary to be consumed with the rest of the congregation.

The Vault Church of Open Faith in Jurupa Valley is currently fighting to keep the city from closing them down. The church also uses cannabis for spiritual meditation and other religious practices.

In the claim filed by the Vault Church on Friday, April 13, leaders are seeking $1.2 million in damages and are alleging harassment and discrimination by the city.

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