Bobsledding Track For 2022 Beijing Games Fortified With Cannabis

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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Cannabis is coming to the 2022 Olympic Games, but not in the medicinal or recreational sense. A Canadian cultivator based in Calgary, Alberta is supplying construction crews with processed industrial hemp fibers to reinforce the concrete track intended for the bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge events.

Last week, Greenfield Technologies sent the first 359-pound shipment of hemp fibers, which are also used to strengthen pools and skate parks in North America, from their facility in Calgary to the site of the bobsled track in Xiaohaituo, China.

A third-party conducted trials last in Vancouver which showed the durable fiber’s superiority compared to other concrete reinforcements such as glass or plastic.

“Glass and plastic protrudes, so it’s hard to finish,” said Greenfield general manager Stephen Christensen to the Calgary Herald. “In concrete, the fiber will bridge two sections trying to pull apart from each other.”

Three producers cultivate hemp fiber crops for the company at sites in the Lethbridge and Mossleigh areas before sending it to the Greenfield factory for processing.

In addition to the sending their N-Force Fiber to China, the company also produces a range of hemp-based products including potting mix, cat litter, and an item called Hemp-Fresco which is used for extending the freshness life of fruits and vegetables in the fridge.