Brytemap Releases GreenR 3.0 For Dispensaries

An American technology company has released the latest version of its dispensary software solution.

Baltimore, Maryland-based Brytemap today announced the launch of GreenR 3.0, which it says features updated e-commerce features to deliver an unprecedented, enhanced user experience.

Brytemap says its GreenR software is the only tool your dispensary will ever need.

Brytemap founder Bryan Lopez says GreenR 3.0 allows dispensary customers to apply discounts, loyalty points, promotions, and check allotments within their cart at checkout.

Lopez says the features are next level and only part of the software’s full capabilities.

According to Brytemap UI/UX Developer Jaclyn Davis, increasing sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty are the top three benefits of a positive user experience.

“Our mission was to create the most user-friendly cannabis e-commerce platform on the market today, and we’ve accomplished this,” said Davis in a press release. “We optimized every customer view from big screen in-house menus down to their devices, plus added functionality in searching brand sizes, price, type of cannabis, and cannabinoid levels all contribute in a very positive way to the user experience.”

Brytemap says that, along with a dramatically improved customer experience, it has also updated back-end functions with more reporting choices and enhanced visibility.

According to Brytemap, improvements include loyalty tracking, customized real-time reports, increased exporting functions for accounting, and actionable common-sense reporting for better business operations insight.

Lopez says Brytemap’s goal was to equip dispensaries to increase their users’ experience along with business processes and increase profitability.

“Brytemap GreenR 3.0 checks all of those boxes,” says Lopez. “And as with previous versions, offers full Metric (sic) compliance.”

Brytemap says one of the most groundbreaking innovations in GreenR 3.0 is a superior smart pre-order function that can see product availability.

The pre-order function can intelligently recognize weight combinations before it marks a product as unavailable.

According to Brytemap, the function allows dispensaries to maximize product sales without fixed size or weight restraints.