Burglars Break Into Apartment To Smoke Weed And Eat Hot Dogs

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

A pair of South Carolina siblings returned home from working overnight shifts early Wednesday morning to discover that their shared apartment in Spartanburg had been broken into. The brother and sister spotted the open front door upon arrival and caught the distinct scent of cannabis wafting from within.

But according to a police report, neither sibling smokes marijuana.

An inspection of the apartment revealed that nothing was missing except for four hot dogs, four hot dog buns, some eggs, a gallon of orange juice, and a bit of ketchup. The intruders had gone into various rooms of the apartment and handled various personal items including a stun gun and a bottle of wine, but nothing was missing other than the food.

When the siblings noticed a pot, some dishes, a glass, and a cup in the kitchen sink that they didn’t place there, they then discovered that food was missing.

But while investigators were looking for fingerprints, the ketchup bottle became an unwitting piece of evidence in the case. The siblings normally keep their ketchup in the pantry, but the bottle was sitting in the refrigerator.

“Believing that the individual cooked hot dogs,” the responding officer told WHNS. “I checked the ketchup bottle in the refrigerator and found fingerprints among the condensation.”

Additionally, detectives were able to retrieve prints from doors and items found in the sink. The ketchup bottle was taken by police and stored as evidence.

The incident is currently under investigation.