Caesar’s Gives Thumbs Up To Employee Cannabis Use

By Benjie Cooper

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Pre-employment urinalysis (UA) and other forms of drug screenings are a common practice in the United States as a prerequisite for many types of jobs. But as states continue to legalize cannabis, the number of employers that test for it is diminishing.

In legal states, some businesses are finding it more difficult to get workers that don’t test positive for THC, so at this point, getting workers to fill positions is more important than the private use of a legal substance for many employers.

Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation is one of the latest legal-state companies to drop marijuana from the list of non-acceptable substances for employees.

The company will still test potential workers for other substances and will also screen for cannabis in positions where there are Department of Transportation requirements.

“We just felt that given the changes in laws that were happening across the country, it was prudent for us to take a different point of view on marijuana than other drugs in the pre-employment screening process,” executive vice president of corporate communications and community affairs, Rich Broome told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “If somebody is believed to be using or high at work, then we would continue to screen for marijuana and other drugs.”

Caesar’s is one of a growing number of companies that see no benefit in rejecting workers based solely on their marijuana use in their free time. With growing legalization, more employers realize that they might be missing out on a good employee by screening for cannabis.

Broome says that Caesar’s will look for the right balance between making the right hiring decisions and providing a safe and appropriate workplace.