Cannabis Companies Pledge Support For Ukranian People

As Russia has launched and continued its invasion of Ukraine in the past few weeks, the watching world has been reminded of mankind’s ability to cause great suffering and hardship.

At the same time, the war has also reminded us of the humanity and compassion that still exists in the hearts of many people around the world.

Whether it be through words or deeds, people have shown overwhelming support for the Ukrainian people across the globe.

In the United States, cannabis companies are pledging financial assistance to help support the Ukrainian people so heavily impacted by the war.

The Ukrainian-American-owned MediThrive dispensary in San Francisco has donated an entire day of sales and will donate ten percent of the week’s sales to Sunflower of Peace.

Sunflower of Peace provides medical and humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

The veteran-owned and operated Helmand Valley Growers Company usually donates all profits to vets but is temporarily diverting those funds to help Ukrainian people who desperately need assistance.

“War has broken out in Ukraine, a massive humanitarian crisis, the likes that we’ve not seen since World War II, has erupted,” says Helmand CEO Bryan Buckley. “So from now until the end of April, Helmand Valley Growers Company will be donating profits to the World Central Kitchen. This amazing organization provides chef-prepared meals to those in need who are suffering from the humanitarian crisis. We at Helmand Valley Growers Company want to do our part, and we hope that you do the same.”

Lime, a California-based cannabis company, will donate a portion of March sales to Hope for Ukraine, a non-profit organization that serves the country’s most vulnerable citizens.

Thirty percent of Lime’s workforce is from countries affected by the war.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate support for the Ukrainian people into your daily life as the war continues, purchases from the companies mentioned above are a good way to start.