Cannabis, Creativity, And The Artistic Temperament

By John Walker

Humans have been intrigued, literally fascinated, with mind altering substances since the dawn of time. Often these substances have been experienced in conjunction with the attempt to expand creative expression. Many extraordinary and significant works of art, music, and literature have been born under the influence of such substances as hallucinogens, opiates, and alcohol. Cannabis, however, is many times the chosen method of creative access.

Scientific studies have shown that there may indeed be a connection between weed and the creative process. Unfortunately, these studies have been far from perfect and have not proven this connection conclusively. This lack of data does not seem to have hindered the artistic personality from experimenting with and/or continued use of our beloved herb, however.

Through MRI and manual tasks, increased frontal lobe activity has been observed in subjects high on pot and engaged in creative action. Cannabis also raises dopamine levels, the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitter, which promotes creative thinking and novel associations not otherwise conceived.

An interesting factor in cannabis induced creativity is that certain strains are known within the artistic community to produce greater effects. The top five strains listed below will give you that kind of buzz and that wonderful work of art you are driven to create.

Sour Diesel is a sativa hybrid that is referred to as “Sour D” in the cannabis slang lexicon. It smells like diesel but provides the user with a positive and uplifting sensation. In other words, it makes for one happy artistic stoner. Positive thoughts equal positive work.

Royal Cookies is also a sativa hybrid that has the highest THC content on this list. It is also uplifting and additionally is quite cerebral.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze has a very unique lemon slice taste and aroma. This strain is a smile maker with a THC content level at 20%. Wow!

Royal Jack is often experienced with a great sense of freedom; a willingness to let go, fly, and feel boundless in thought and conception.

And finally, Royal AK, which has a strong immediate punch literally knocking the artist into the creative mode.

There you have it artists, musicians, sculptors, writers, and the myriad of others engaged in artistic endeavors. The effects of cannabis euphoria may indeed fire you up, push you forward and deliver a mood that allows you to create your finest work ever while enjoying a wonderful high and the deep focus of the creative process.

As a musician, songwriter, painter, and writer my experience has been this. I cop a buzz and pick up my guitar. I smoke a doob and get out my brushes. When I fly high I am most definitely one with my art.