Tips on Getting a Job as A Cannabis Delivery Driver

Stoners rejoice, weed delivery is now a thing! In states like Maine and California, cannabis delivery services are growing rapidly, gaining new customers every day. With demand growing and people around the world staying home, job opportunities for cannabis delivery drivers are more abundant than ever before.

If you’ve been considering a job in the cannabis world, but aren’t sure where to start, becoming a cannabis delivery driver might just be your stepping stone into the industry. Keep reading for our advice on getting a cannabis delivery job, and the information you’ll need to feel prepared on your first day on the job.

What are Cannabis Delivery Drivers?

Cannabis delivery drivers work for weed delivery services to bring your cannabis products straight to your door. Imagine a pizza delivery driver or someone who works for Uber or Postmates. Now, imagine that instead of food, they have weed! Cannabis delivery drivers pick up orders placed by customers online or over an app, then drive the orders to their respective destinations.

What are Cannabis Delivery Drivers’ Responsibilities?

Beyond the basics of picking up and dropping off cannabis, there are a number of important responsibilities cannabis drivers have that help them to stay safe and keep customers happy. First and foremost, cannabis delivery drivers need to have a clean driving record and commit to being responsible on the road, which includes not smoking or consuming edibles while on the job.

In addition to safe driving, cannabis delivery drivers must be good at driving and able to navigate the many areas they will deliver to without getting trapped by traffic or wrong-turns. Many cannabis delivery services guarantee delivery within a certain timeframe, meaning you’ll need to be able to fulfill orders on a deadline to keep customers satisfied.

Sometimes, cannabis delivery drivers may need to double-check the orders they pick up and should be prepared to cross-reference order-receipts with the items they pick-up. Similarly, drivers will need to verify that customers are of legal age upon drop-off, and may need to check IDs or medical cards as part of their job responsibilities.

Because cannabis delivery drivers interact with customers buying legal cannabis products, it is important to be professional when on the job in order to project the right image of your services. Friendly, timely, transparent customer service is key to making customers feel at ease using the service, and keeping customers happy is key to keeping your job. Cannabis delivery drivers also often are required to take payments, since many delivery services are cash-only.

Finally, although you may not be required to display knowledge to customers as a cannabis delivery driver, having a good understanding of cannabis products will help you to land a job with a cannabis delivery company. Delivery services and dispensaries prefer to work with people who care about the products they are delivering, so polish up on your knowledge of cannabis if you want to nail your interview.

Do You Need a Car?

Yes! You will need access to a reliable vehicle to become a cannabis delivery driver.

How Much Money Does a Cannabis Delivery Driver Make?

How much you’ll be able to make delivering cannabis will depend on what service you work for, and how much you want to work. In general, cannabis delivery drivers in California can make between $15-$20 an hour, and as a bonus are typically offered employee discounts on products.

Do You Get Employee Benefits?

In the future, some dispensaries may bring cannabis delivery drivers on full-time, which would include offering them employee benefits like health insurance, access to cannabis education, etc. Currently, most cannabis delivery jobs are open to gig workers who are not considered full-time employees and do not receive employee benefits such as insurance. However, many delivery companies offer product discounts.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal?

Laws regarding cannabis delivery vary from state to state, and although more than a dozen states have legalized adult-use marijuana, only a handful allow delivery to recreational users. California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon are the only states that have begun to allow recreational cannabis delivery, with many still implementing tight restrictions. Of these states, California, Maine, and Oregon offer the best and most widespread cannabis delivery, have the most lenient laws, and the largest abundance of cannabis delivery jobs.

What Happens If a Driver Is Pulled Over?

Cannabis is treated in much the same manner as alcohol when it comes to driving with weed in your car. As long as the products you are delivering are sealed and non-accessible to you in the driver’s seat, you should face no problems related to transporting cannabis. Some delivery drivers prefer to keep their deliveries in the trunk to avoid wrongful assumptions.

How Much Cannabis Do Drivers Typically Deliver In a Day?

How much you deliver per-day largely depends on you. If you work for a dispensary, they may have scheduled hours for you. If you work for a delivery company or service, you will likely be able to set your own hours and delivery as much or as little as you want. If your delivery area is small, you could be delivering dozens of orders a day. If you are required to drive long distances, you may be limited to just a handful of deliveries per day.

Because most cannabis delivery services offer hourly rates, the number of orders you deliver per day is less important than how much time you dedicate to the job. With some companies offering upwards of $20 an hour, you could easily turn cannabis delivery into your full-time gig.

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