Cannabis Lattes Come to Seattle

By Brittany Morgan Williams
I have long dreamed of a day when I could be drinking my morning coffee, and it not only cures my sleepiness, but also my anxiety and, potentially, my hangover-induced headache. That day apparently has been here for quite some time. Cannabis coffee has been a delicious product for almost a decade now. But it’s finally a legal product that has been growing in popularity throughout the legal states, like Washington and Oregon.

Back before cannabis was legal, other coffee shops would get around the cannabis restrictions by hosting a ‘party’ with a cover charge and serving complimentary cannabis-infused coffee. But as of 2018, the pop-up Café Hitchcock Express in Seattle, Washington will be serving ‘wellness lattes’ that just so happen to be infused with CBD oil. CBD is the non-psychoactive element of cannabis that reduces stress, anxiety, and pain, while not giving you that stoney feeling. So it’s basically like cuddling with cats (or puppies, or komodo dragons, depending on your preference), after downing some ibuprofen. The Express sells to-go coffee and other refreshing CBD-infused drinks along with hot and cold sandwiches and other quick food.

The owner of the Café Hitchcock restaurants is Chef Brendan McGill, and he’s taken over the old downtown location of Tully’s for both his summer pop-up restaurant and full-time restaurant. He’s spruced up the location, making it have more of a modern look, and trying to lure in the millennial crowd with everything from wraps to rice bowls to Kombucha and CBD.

The Café Hitchcock, the papa restaurant to Café Hitchcock Express, started serving CBD infused lattes, lemonades, and other drinks this past February. And it’s been quite successful. Who doesn’t want a chill but energized start/middle/end to your day? Check out the new Café Hitchcock Express if you’re in or traveling through the Seattle area this summer!


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