Carlos Santana Launches Cannabis Brand In California

Famed Mexican-American guitarist Carlos Santana is getting into the retail cannabis business with the launch of a new brand in California.

The ten-time Grammy Award winner today announced the launch of Mirayo by Santana, a line of premium cannabis products produced through a partnership with Left Coast Ventures (LCV) in Santa Rosa.

LCV has previously partnered with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and the Bob Marley estate to create the Mind Your Head and Marley Natural brands.

According to a press release, Mirayo cannabis flower products are inspired by Santana’s Latin heritage and his dedication to spiritual well-being.

LCV says the new line provides consumers with high-quality flower products that leverage the power of ancient remedies and serve as a guide for consumers journeying toward their divine light.

“In my experience, cannabis has special properties that enhance meditative reflection and creative expression,” says Santana. “It can dispel negative doubt to reveal the everlasting gift of our uniqueness.”

Santana says that, with Mirayo, he hopes to help people use cannabis as a means to develop more benevolent behavior like kindness and compassion.

The name of Santana’s new line of sun-grown cannabis, “Mirayo,” comes from a combination of the Spanish words for “my” and “ray,” honoring Santana’s heritage and his hopes that everyone is empowered to follow their light.

LCV CEO Brett Cummings says that it is an honor to work with a musical legend, such as Carlos Santana, who embraces ancient heritage, deep spirituality, and self-discovery.

At launch, the Mirayo line includes indica (Centered), sativa (Radiance), and hybrid (Symmetry) strains, which LCV says are available in preroll packs and 7-gram flower jars at select dispensaries in the Bay Area and Southern California, with priority placement in several Latino-owned dispensaries.