Cat Caught Smuggling Drugs Into Prison

How do you turn a cat into a mule? You give it a bunch of contraband and send it to your friends who are in prison serving out sentences.

Police in the city of Novomoskovsk, Russia have arrested two suspects for allegedly attempting to use a cat to smuggle 5.79 grams of hash and 1.56 grams of amphetamines into a prison in the Tula region.

According to a statement from Russia’s Interior Ministry, the cat was living in the prison until an inmate adopted the animal and took it home with him after he was released. Once he was out, the man took the animal to a friend who fitted it with a collar that contained the contraband.

Police say that the pair intended to release the cat near the prison in hopes that it would try and return to its former home inside.

But officials at the correctional facility received a tip that drugs were going to be smuggled in via cat courier, so narcotics enforcement personnel from Novomoskovsk and prison officers intercepted the animal and foiled the smuggling attempt.

The 32-year-old Kireevsky resident and his 22-year-old accomplice from Bolokhovo were detained in the operation, and in a search of one of the suspects’ apartments officers found electronic scales, 10 grams of amphetamines, a packet with a plant-derived substance, and 20 grams of synthetic marijuana (Spice/K2).

If convicted, the two suspects could face up to ten years in prison on drug possession charges.

In 2013, another cat was caught when it was used in an attempt to smuggle cell phones, batteries, and chargers into a prison camp in northern Russia.

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