Cattabis Heals

By Benjie Cooper

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Ginge, a cat from Burton, England is back to feeling more like himself lately after recovering from a large cancerous tumor that developed on his paw.

Photo via The Daily Mail

CBD oil helped heal Ginge’s cancer

After Ginge developed an enlarged liver, showed significant weight loss, and survived two strokes, the cat’s owner, 35-year-old Jacek Matusiak, was faced with the difficult decision of putting him to sleep.

Matusiak’s vet prescribed medications for the cat, including steroids and antibiotics, though nothing was working. But after reading about a cancer patient who used cannabis to cure themselves, Jacek decided to start putting CBD oil drops from a local health food store in Ginge’s food.

Government advisers in the U.K. made it legal to buy CBD in 2016 after admitting that it has a restoring, correcting, or modifying effect on humans.

Photo via The Daily Mail

Ginge is feeling better

Within the first two days of administering CBD oil to the cat, his tumor shrank significantly; he began regaining weight and started vocalizing again.

“Everything else didn’t work, but we believe it was the oil we gave him that helped him out,” said Matusiak in an interview with the Daily Mail. “Now he can walk around the garden, and he is back to his usual self again. He’s put on weight too, as he was underweight and skeletal before.”

“He’s a really adorable, loving cat,” says Matusiak about Ginge. “He comes to us a lot for cuddles, and he’s just like a little baby.”

After witnessing the dramatic healing effects of CBD on his cat, Matusiak says that he believes that it could be used to treat pain and arthritis in humans and wants to help spread the word about it.