CBDietetic Providing Natural CBD Relief For Ailments

Dustin Prue, owner of CBDietetic, weighed in on why many CBD products are not providing the best quality relief, and how CBDietetic is different

Dustin had been formulating products for other companies in the cannabis industry for over five years before he decided to branch out on his own adventure, starting CBDietetic. Based out of San Diego, CBDietetic aims to generate natural quality relief for people in need.

CBDietetic‘s hemp extracted CBD products range from tinctures, topicals, and pet products.

“Our topical products have had the greatest amount of success and great feedback. We have a very therapeutic blend of essential oils, herbs, and full spectrum oil in our balm, and relief roll-on products that work great for arthritis and muscle pain,” says Dustin.

A challenge in the CBD industry, says Dustin, is developing a product that stands out from other products that exist under already established brands. Dustin’s solution to the challenge is to supply people with the best quality full spectrum products. CBDietetic’s products are designed to deliver the benefits of all cannabinoids present in the plant and nourish the endocannabinoid system. Dustin says that full spectrum CBD products are most helpful for people with ailments.

“Most companies out there are utilizing CBD  isolate or THC free oil. At CBDietetic we source oil with all cannabinoids present and are products are .3 percent THC or less. Our research has shown that these full spectrum products are more beneficial at lower doses than an isolate product which is mostly what is out on the market,” Dustin Prue.

Dustin is hopeful about the hotbed that is the CBD industry, adding, “It is well on it’s way to being a structured market nationwide.”

In full transparency, CBD Dietetic displays their lab results, provided by SDPharmLabs, on their website.