Celebrating Black Cannabiz

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month. Did you know Candid Chronicle is a black-owned business? We’ve compiled a list of other black-owned cannabis businesses ranging from cultivators to a talk show… check it out!

  • A+ Collective, founded by Daniel Gardner and Aanya Gamble Hill, is a cannabis delivery system in Oakland.


“I see A+ Collective as a viable way to advance and improve economic stability in our community. Too long have people of color been criminalized for pretty much everything, but in this case, cannabis use and sales. Now that times and attitudes about cannabis have changed it’s important that people of color are positively impacted and included in those changes. We cannot sit idly by while others reap the benefits and people of color are left behind again. We believe strongly in keeping our black and brown dollars within our communities.” – Aanya Gamble Hill

  • The Hood Incubator is an organization in Oakland that works to create more opportunities for black and brown people in the legal cannabis industry. Founders Biseat, Ebele and Lanese responded to California’s legalization initiatives by creating this group, lifting 10 businesses through their Cannabis Business Accelerator, launching their local internship program, and working with Oakland City Council on the Cannabis Equity Program.
  • Wanda James is the first black woman to own a dispensary in Colorado. In addition of her dispensary Simply Pure, Wanda owns Simple Pure Medicated Edibles, a gourmet cooking company, a Southern restaurant, and a communications firm called Cannabis Global Initiative,


Gladys Nyoth of Mbombo Restaurant.

  • Mbombo Restaurant is owned by Gladys Nyoth.  Mbombo is dedicated to using food to create unity and connection. Mbombo caters high-end cannabis events with infused meals. On top of that, Gladys is an advocate for the African & Indigenous Community and DACA.


  • Euphorium, a non-profit cannabis collective and delivery service is run by Charlita Brown. Charlita uses her collective to empower women of color in the cannabis industry. The collective is based in Oakland, California.



  • Mary and Main is a dispensary owned by Hope Wiseman- she’s the youngest black woman to own a dispensary. Hope is 25 and has also created Compassionate Herbal Alternative, an organization that creates opportunities for minorities in the cannabis industry.


Lizzy Jeff of Zen & Kush


  • Zen and Kush is a cannabis event curated by Lizzy Jeff. The events are celebrations of the divine feminine, cannabis, healing, and high vibrations. Lizzy is a rap-priestess, sacred activist, and medicine woman.


  • Stoney Hill Corp. is owned by Damian Marley; in addition to a dispensary in Denver, Colorado, the corporation does branding, investment, real estate, and partnerships in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry


  • Snoop Dogg is one of the first celebrities that comes to mind when talking about weed. Snoop is killing it in the cannabis industry. Leafs by Snoop is Snoop’s flower and edible company that can be purchased in a large handful of dispensaries in Colorado. Merry Jane is a media company and resource for weed news. Snoop has also invested in Trellis, a Toronto based cannabis inventory management software provider.


  • Mankind Cooperative, in San Diego, is owned by Ebon Johnson. Mankind Cooperative sells both medical and recreational cannabis. They’ve been voted Best Dispensary in San Diego as well as Leafly’s Best in Southern California.



Charlo Greene

  • The Weed Show is hosted by Charlo Greene, you may remember her as the Alaskan news reporter who quit on camera. Greene was then the owner of the Alaskan Cannabis Club, and has continued to be an advocate. On The Weed Show, Greene covers cannabis news and culture.


Corey Barnette of District Growers.

  • Corey Barnette in Washington D.C. is a cultivator and dispensary owner. District Growers is Barnette’s cultivation company, which provides product to four of D.C.’s dispensaries. Barnette’s dispensary is Metropolitan Wellness Center in South East D.C.


  • Whoopi and Maya is a medicinal marijuana company, part-owned by Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi and Maya’s bath soaks body rubs, cannabis infused cacao powder, and cannabis tincture are available in California and Colorado.


  • Ricky Williams is a San Diego local who went on to a successful NFL career that was marked with him  testing positive for cannabis- and him speaking up about the benefits of the plant. He now does one-on-one astrology readings and runs Power Plant Fitness, a 420 friendly gym.


  • Michael Ras Mike Jones is owner of NugRadio in San Diego, it’s a cannabis radio show of which Mike is a host and on-air personality.

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