Cotton Mouth Cures

By Marieval Yebra

The one thing about smoking herb that is just one of the most annoying things ever really. Well, besides having a bong load and nothing to smoke it with. Yeah, the ol’ I have a bowl and no lighter. Hate it. Well, anyways something that is disliked just as much is the ever-present cotton mouth. You know that sexy feeling you get when you have smoked entirely too much weed. I am here to tell you that there are things that you can do to minimize the symptoms of cotton mouth. Some of them remove cotton mouth completely from your palette and some just help the symptoms for a limited amount of time. Now, remember these are home remedies for cotton mouth they are not scientifically proven or are a medical benefit in any way.

  1.       Gum

Now I know some people are going to say that it’s either mint or cinnamon, that it has to be a certain flavor. My experience has been that any gum helps. Now some may taste worse than others since cotton mouth kind of messes with your taste palette.  But for the most part, the biggest reason that this a simple and quick cure for cotton mouth is that it helps create saliva which in turn helps out cotton mouth. So get some gum and get chewing.

  1.       Water

Why this is not number one, I have no idea. That should be right up there at number one. Seriously not only does it taste freaking amazing when you have had nothing else to drink but it helps hydrate you too. Seriously drink water.

  1.       Lozenges

Now again just like with gum, it helps create saliva which in turn helps cotton mouth. Yes, there are lozenges that are made just to help with moisture in your mouth. Look next to the cough drops.

  1.       Hard Candy

Again this helps create saliva, but make sure to steer clear of candies that are completely sugar-free. You don’t want sugar in your system on a constant basis to help with cotton mouth; you would probably be diabetic if you did.  But for a quick fix, it helps great.

  1.       Steer clear from tea

Yeah even though it sounds amazingly awesome to help with your dry mouth debacle don’t do it. The caffeine is anything but helpful. Which brings me to coffee. Now if you’re like me then you like your early morning coffee with your wake and bake bowl. Yup sounds a little conflicting, but it’s the best feeling. Seriously yummy a salted caramel mocha and some bomb green. But it doesn’t help with cotton mouth. If anything it makes it worse.

  1.       Lemon-lime soda

Now I say this from personal experience lemon-lime soda works. I’m not going to say any brand names we don’t have licensing rights so. But for the most part you get the picture, just make sure the less sugar, the better. I know sodas even caffeine free sodas have loads of sugar, but there are some sodas that have more than others. But yes lemon-lime soda does work.