Curaleaf Unveils Solventless Live Rosin Extracts

A leading American cannabis company is expanding its product offerings with a new line of extracts.

Wakefield, Connecticut-based Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. today announced the launch of Select Live Rosin.

The new line is the company’s first venture into the solventless extracts realm.

At launch, patients can purchase Curaleaf’s live rosin products at twelve of the company’s retail locations in Florida.

Curaleaf says the rosin line will be available at additional locations statewide by April 7.

“We are proud to expand our product offerings in Florida to serve our patients’ increasingly sophisticated preferences,” says Curaleaf President Matt Darin. “Curaleaf’s R&D strategy is rooted in delivering novel and exceptional customer experiences, and introducing affordably priced live rosin products along with high-quality vape hardware not only reimagines what is possible for the Company, but for the industry at large.”

The new Live Rosin line expands upon Curaleaf’s current selection of cannabis oil products which includes Elite, Elite Live, and Essentials.

Curaleaf says it formulated the new line for experienced cannabis consumers who want a more flavorful product that tastes like the original flowers.

According to the company, the live rosin line production process involves live harvesting, flash-freezing, and gentle solventless extraction for products with a pure and aromatic cannabis flavor.

Curaleaf says its production process preserves natural terpene and cannabinoid integrity.

Utilizing a proprietary water-based extraction process, Curaleaf says it eliminates waste and inefficiencies associated with live rosin manufacturing.

According to Curaleaf, its scalable technology enables the company to provide live rosin vapes and concentrates to discerning patients at a more affordable price.

Following the launch of its live rosin products in Florida, Curaleaf says it will release its Select X Bites in the coming weeks.