Dear Dabby

Dear Dabby,
My husband insists growing marijuana in my backyard. Even though it’s legal, I still get nervous as it’s still not socially accepted. My parents visit every few months and I’m trying to keep everyone comfortable.


Nervous Nancy,
Unless you intend on becoming the next Nancy Botwin, make sure your husband is growing under state regulations. He can only be growing six plants! You can look into purchasing him a growing tent for Christmas, or make him buy it himself. With the tent, your parent’s won’t see the plants and neither will any unaccepting parents.

Dear Dabby,
It seems like every year I make a New Year’s resolution to be healthy and workout more. I never stick to my resolutions but I really, really, do want to be healthier and more active. It’s hard to keep track of my resolution, and with New Years approaching I want to come up with a game plan. Please help.


Who says you have to make a New Year’s resolution? They’re a bit cliche if you ask me. I mean, I’m all for people making choices to better themselves but why put it off until New Year’s? You are fully capable of making healthier choices right now. What you need to focus on is creating clear, definitive goals for yourself. A resolution to “be healthy and workout more” is really vague… decide what to cut out, maybe stop drinking a gallon of Iced Tea every 2 days. Or, aim to drop a pant size. Write it down, make lists of goals, and hang it up somewhere you will see it every day!

Dear Dabby,
I’m a pilot for a living and I work a lot of hours. My girlfriend has recently quit her job and hasn’t done much for the last two months but smoke weed. She did save enough money to carry her through but I’m concerned that she is losing all motivation. How can I get her to take life more seriously?

-Concerned Pilot

Concerned Pilot,
The fact that she saved her money to take time for herself tells me she’s a fairly responsible person. It would be a different case if you were footing the bill, but, if she’s paying her own way there’s not too much you can say about what she does with her time. It’s a possibility this is the type of break she needed in the first place. You should be worried when it gets to the point that she’s run out of money and still not looking for a job. If this does happen, write in again.