Fake Weed, Fake Cop

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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In another example of why fake cannabis is always a bad idea, an Arkansas man was arrested by police in the city of Lampasas, Texas after an incident on Monday involving synthetic marijuana and a truck driver.

Synthietic marijuana is not cannabis

Often sold as incense, synthetic cannabis is a mixture of leafy materials that are sprayed with chemicals to mimic the effects of THC. Side effects can include hallucinations, vomiting, trouble breathing, heart palpitations, seizures, and panic attacks.

The truck driver was driving through the 600 block of South Key Avenue in Lampasas when 20-year-old Carlos Mandujano from Little Rock signaled him to stop by honking and waving. When the driver stopped, Mandujano approached him, claiming to be a police officer and ordering him to open the trailer.

Mandujano was not wearing a uniform and did not produce a badge when the driver asked to see one.

The wary truck driver was able to flag down Lampasas Police Patrol Lieutenant Chuck Montgomery who quickly got involved in the situation.

Mandujano told the officer that he stopped the trucker because he was a human trafficker and that he had “run” the vehicle’s plates through a basic internet search.

At one point, Mandujano voluntarily produced some synthetic marijuana from his pocket and handed it to Lt. Montgomery, admitting to smoking some of it prior to the incident. The officer determined that the fake cannabis was a likely explanation for the strange event and took the young man into custody.

Lt. Montgomery arrested Mandujano on charges of impersonating a public servant and possession of marijuana under two ounces.