Farmers Cup #2 Judges Have Voted


The votes are in & the call is out for the stoner jury to assemble tomorrow, Friday, December 11, 2020, for the FREE Farmers Cup #2 Virtual Edition AWARDS CEREMONY to serve their cannabis duty!

“We are so excited about adding edibles, vapes, prerolls, and concentrates along with flower to our competition this time around,” says J. Caruso, founder of the Famers Cup.  “This summer we set the standard for California cannabis competitions by being as inclusive as possible. We were the first (and still are!) competition to bring judges samples from licensed brands, craft-cannabis home growers, and hemp farmers on their ballots. Now by partnering with Think20 Labs and A Green Alternative dispensary  we’re going to have an experience for growers of ALL kinds and products that you won’t forget.”


The goal for the Farmers Cup event is to keep the community and industry engaged in a positive event which creates valuable and memorable experiences for our brands, sponsors, competitors and judges. This being the second virtual competition they have hosted this year, the hosts at San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market are very excited about the improvements and expansion of their competition.

Approximately 300 judges within several categories have made their selections. The entries for flower and concentrate were fully blinded. Other categories such as vapes and edibles were not blinded but included branding as part of the judging. Scoring was on a scale of 1 to 5, and included appearance, smell (or nose), taste, smoke, and effectiveness. The event consisted of 3 overall award categories. The main one being “People’s Choice” for licensed brands, and a Home Grow category for flower and rosin which will be exclusively judged by 10 very “seasoned” VIPs, including Candid Chronicle owner and co-publisher, Chris Williams. Last but definitely not least they’ll have awards ready for the separate hemp and CBD categories.

The award ceremony for Farmers Cup will take place on December 11th. It is really impressive to see the work of growers, brands, and all others involved in this event get recognized for all their blood, sweat, and tears. In addition to the winners getting massive recognition, trophies, prizes, and more, Think 2.0 Labs will be giving away up to $5,000 in cash prizes and 10 free future full panel laboratory tests. Details released at tomorrow’s event…

Once you register for this FREE event via you will receive the virtual zoom link as your ticket.

The next Farmers Cup will be scheduled around 4/20/2021.

List of sponsors & competitors:

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