GCAC Launches Medical Cannabis Efficacy App

A Canadian medical cannabis technology company has released a new app designed to connect medical cannabis cultivators to consumers, promote product transparency, and allow consumers to rate efficacy, earn rewards, and purchase reports.

The Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (GCAC) today announced the launch of Efixii, a medical cannabis efficacy consumer app that provides free and subscription services to help bring medical cannabis consumption to the next level.

GCAC says that the app, which utilizes Ethereum blockchain technology, continues the company’s focus on the benefits that efficacy-truths bring to the adult-use and medical cannabis markets in Canada, which are projected to grow to CA$4.1 billion by 2021.

Subscription prices for a patient’s monthly personalized cannabis efficacy report start at $0.99 and increase for medical cannabis efficacy trend analyses or artificial intelligence-driven (AI) product guidance based on the patient’s symptoms.

Utilizing GCACs big-data set, Efixii generates premium reports based on lifecycle data that the company’s platform has acquired from consumers, labs, and cultivators.

“We’re excited to break cover and commercially launch Efixii as the premier medical cannabis efficacy platform,” says GCAC CEO Brad Moore. “Over the last four years, we have established GCAC as one of the most exclusive, results-driven medical cannabis technologies in Canada and beyond. The launch of our new online business will propel our platform to the next level. We are now focussed on an intensive marketing campaign to attract medical cannabis growers so they can provide truthful cannabis lifecycle data to their consumers by using the GCAC suite of technologies.”

Moore says that GCAC is looking to attract ten new growers to cultivate 34 million grams of cannabis and affix an Efixii QR code on each packaged gram, which the company believes would mean create better patient outcomes and medical cannabis products for 110,000 subscribers.

Among the features in GCAC’s suite of seed-to-sale cannabis lifecycle attestation technologies are access to mother plant genomic sequences, advanced batch-to-batch comparisons, enhancement of medical cannabis reproducibility, and delivery of accurate results that patients can rely on.

To make it difficult for other businesses to replicate or compete with its datasets and technology solutions, GCAC says that it will securely retain all of Efixii’s medical cannabis efficacy contributions as intellectual property, securing GCAC’s standing as “one of the most complete and exciting platforms in the cannabis space.”