Geekey Multitool

It’s not every day where we take the time to discuss a common multi-tool, but when we came across the Geekey, we knew we had to check it out. Based out of Washington State, Geekey is an everyday carry multi-tool which takes on a shape similar to an everyday house key. However, unlike a common key, the Geekey has been integrated with a variety of common adaptations that can be expected from a multi-tool, including a bottle opener, hex wrench, Phillips/slotted/square drive, file, and a variety of other functions totaling 16+ different integrations. Among that list lies a little something special though: a mini smoking pipe that resides along the length of the ‘key’, capable of accommodating a quick one-hitter should the need ever arise. Made from a single piece of ‘420’ stainless steel for extreme durability under heavy use conditions.

We spoke with Geekey creator and CFO to learn more about the development of the product.

“I’ve always had a passion for multi-tools. From their versatility and extreme usefulness to the sometimes even necessary functionality in the often random situations that we all find ourselves in. With that in mind, I designed the Geekey to become part of someone’s everyday carry, fitting seamlessly into their lifestyle and to easily provide a large number of solutions to the everyday needs sure to arise. It was also very important to me for the Geekey to disrupt the norm and break away from traditional multi-tool functions and design. Being from Washington State, it was only natural to incorporate a pipe into the list of its many functions.”