Getting a Grip on Cannabis’ Effects On Our Economy and Our Bodies

The cannabis industry continues to blossom and new opportunities for its expansion arise every day. In 2018, overall domestic cannabis sales grew by 6.7%, and the estimated domestic market value ranged from $10 billion to $120 billion, while the retail cannabis sales are valued at $37.8 billion. The figures clearly indicate that the overall market is increasing and will continue to do so as more states legalize marijuana.

Loud Cloud Health has created an infographic outlining 80 Stats About the Marijuana Industry, which breaks down the effects of cannabis on the human brain, the differences of cannabis and hemp, as well as providing an understanding of the different demographics that use cannabis.

Some of the trends which have contributed to making cannabis a highly successful industry and more accessible to both new and old consumers are:

Popularity of Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing is a consumption tactic that involves taking small amounts of marijuana throughout the day as opposed to taking a single large dose. This helps to regulate the consumption and avoid getting intoxicated as that can interfere with daily activities. The method is quickly becoming popular due to its convenience.

Increased Use of CBD

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an alternative for those that want the benefits but do not want to get “high.” In this case, you needn’t pay attention to microdosing if you choose a CBD product which has a low level of THC (below 0.3%). People with medical marijuana recommendations find cannabis products dominated by CBD extremely beneficial too.

Various Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Consuming cannabis via edibles and vaping is catching on. Edibles refer to mixing marijuana with food, so you can eat or drink your daily dose in the form of tea, coffee, brownies or gummies, for instance. They take longer to digest, so the effects are felt slowly.

In contrast to edibles’ effect, the vaping impact will be felt almost instantly. This is basically consuming cannabis via a vaporizer.

Both ingesting and vaporizing cannabis are getting more popular because smoking can have harmful effects on the lungs. 

Education on Cannabis-Related Issues

Since cannabis has become quite a popular topic, people are more interested in getting educated on issues related to it. Studies on cannabis benefits, industry, legal status, as well as history make an engrossing read.  As a result, cannabis-related courses are now available at several universities that offer certificate and degree-awarding programs.

Prevalence of Delivery Services

Delivery services are making it easier for recreational retailers to compete with the illegal market. Medical marijuana patients can now receive their medicine in the states where such service is allowed without any hassle.

The cannabis industry is an ever-growing one and as such it will continue to invest in new technologies and methods to normalize the use of the drug. As its popularity increases, cannabis consumers are also coming up with various methods to take advantage of the industry and are researching new ways of consumption.