Grape Kush Shatter Review

By: Ms. Major Blazer

Instagram: @ms.majorblazer

Strain name: Grape Kush – Trim Run Shatter


60% Indica/40% Sativa

Price: $30/half-gram

THC-A: 80.3% Myrcene:3.66% Limonene:3.03%

From: Moxie/Essence Dispensary

Appearance: Clear, light gold concentrate

Helps: Stress, insomnia, pain, appetite, nausea, mood

One hit of this clean concentrate proves quickly why it is a crowd favorite. It provides a smooth, skunky kush taste. A hint of blueberry on the exhale. A ‘creeper’ strain, Grape Kush has a slow come up, and provides long lasting sedation of both the body and mind. Fantastic for uplifting moods and relaxing at the end of the day due to its strong sedative attributes.