Great Grandmother Arrested For CBD Oil During Disney World Trip

A North Carolina woman spent 12 hours in a Florida jail recently after Walt Disney World security discovered a bottle of cannabidiol (CBD) oil among her possessions.

Sixty-nine-year-old Hester Jordan Burkhalter was on a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for which she and her family had been saving for more than two years when she was detained at the Magic Kingdom security checkpoint after park security found a small bottle of CBD oil in her purse, reports WOFL.

According to Burkhalter, she uses the CBD oil for pain from arthritis in her legs, arms, and shoulder.

When Burkhalter wouldn’t answer questions regarding the contents of the bottle, security notified an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy who was “working in an off duty capacity at the Magic Kingdom.”

The deputy tested the oil and discovered that it also contained THC.

CBD oil is legal in Florida with a doctor’s recommendation, which Burkhalter reportedly had in her purse, though there is no reciprocity offered through current state medical cannabis laws.

Burkhalter was arrested and booked on a state felony charge of possession of cannabis concentrates and spent 12 hours in jail before posting bond and hiring an attorney.

WOFL reports that when they made inquiries to the district attorney’s office, prosecutors decided to drop all charges.

CBD is currently a cause of confusion as federal laws allow for its possession as long as the THC content is below 0.3%, but many states have not adjusted their policies accordingly.