By Kathleen McLean

Organic drinks scare me. I can pinpoint the exact moment I felt organic drinks were not for me. It was a sunny afternoon, and I was visiting with my sister. She promised me that once I had a few sips of this organic raw Kombucha, it would be my new favorite beverage. Nothing could have been further from the truth. It tasted bitter and down right evil. I now have trust issues. Surely she knew the drink she was serving me was completely awful. I’ve tried Suja, Naked Juice, and a bevy of organic liquids, I’ve liked none of them. So, when I opened up a gift bag I had received at the MMJ conference, I was skeptical when I came across a can of Guayaki, an organic blend, Yerba Mate. I placed the beverage in my fridge and made the decision to try and pawn it off on my next guest. There was nothing I found attractive about the can itself. It’s a mustard yellow color with maroon writing and blue tribal markings, the only cool part of the can. Sketchy with a capital S!!

Over the next few weeks, I had a trail of friends coming in and out, and no-one wanted to try the drink. They opted for Corona, water, or Sprite. Then it happened…I had cottonmouth. I needed something fruity, different. I reached for the Yerba Mate, Bluephoria to be exact. I opened it, held my breath and took a sip. To my glorious surprise, it was GOOD! This organic blend was not just good it was fantastic! I could hardly believe my taste buds. I had my daughter try it, my husband try it, and across the board, we all agreed, we would be buying this drink in the future. I was impressed. The whole experience reminded me of my daughter’s favorite childhood story, Green Eggs, and Ham. I will drink this drink in a house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox. I will drink this drink here or there I will drink this drink anywhere!