Hallucinations With Cannabis

By Brittany Morgan Williams

I had never thought that I would hallucinate from smoking marijuana. I thought that was strictly for more intense drugs like mushrooms and other psychedelics. But I started my weed experience in the land of green: Humboldt County. Herb there has much higher levels of THC and often CBD; in short, making it very potent.
I had gone over to my friend Sarah’s house to smoke out of her new bong and make some munchies. We had a wonderful time going through several bowls and making naan bread with cheese in the middle. Delish!

Well, when it got to be around midnight, I decide to walk home, just a few blocks away. As I’m walking and looking at the glorious foliage, the trees transform into the trees along the street where I grew up in Redding. I shake my head, and the location and trees morph back into the ones of Arcata. This happened two more times on my walk home, each time I 100% believed that I was in Redding as well as Arcata. I’ve never tried that strain since, mostly because I would like to keep my sanity.

Later I learned that the batch that I had smoked from had interacted with the blood thinners and painkillers that I was still on from a car crash I had been in the year before. I even considered that Sarah’s weed was laced with something, but we knew the grower, and she always bought from him.

Several studies (unfortunately primarily done on men) have indicated a slightly lower sense of perception when smoking marijuana. Although, the difference is so slight that this could be just natural variations.

So, be safe with your cannabis folks! There’s always a chance that you could have a bad reaction to that specific strain or it’s laced with something which, (thank goodness), is not such a worrisome thing now that so many states are legalizing and testing their marijuana before selling it.