Headdies Dab Vac and Dubbler

By Matthew Lopez
IG: @mattrocity818

Delivery devices such as pipes, bongs, and dab rigs are essential tools for smokers and cannabis consumers. From simple to elaborate, and from everyday pieces to one of a kind works of art, the choices in setups are indeed numerous. With a vast array of companies and providers available, one can easily find a smoking device that will suit just about every consumer need. In this article, we had the opportunity of checking out Headdies, a well-known glass pipe manufacturer that has been producing a variety of intricate pieces since 2009.

Those familiar with Headdies may also be familiar with their Dab Vac system, but for the uninitiated: The Dab Vac is a slightly different take from the more conventional and familiar domeless / dome and nail methods. Instead, a dabbing wand is heated, then applied directly to the dabbing material. The wand is attached to a special hose that connects to the main body, which also houses a large dabbing dish to store the desired dabbing material. The Dab Vac is available in either the original or the deluxe version which includes an attached reclaim catcher/holster for the dab wand (remember to select the correct size attachment for your glass rig when purchasing the original or deluxe). There’s also a special 3D printed version, made from high thermal plastic; the 3D Printed Dab Vac boasts a replaceable borosilicate dish and universal attachment that fits both male / female dab rigs. Replacement parts are also available for those in need.

Making its debut at the 2017 Chalice Festival, and continuing their pursuit of new innovations, Headdies is proud to present its new 3D printed Dubbler. Formed from the same high thermo plastic as the 3D Printed Dab Vac, the Dubbler is a pendant-style water pipe that’s perfect for the consumer on-the-go. Included with every Dubbler is an extra large, replaceable borosilicate bowl. If desired, the Dubbler can also easily convert to a dabbing setup via a Dab Vac hose and wand.

“We created the Dubbler as an affordable and portable setup that would deliver the same enjoyable experience as our list of other products. We’re very proud to have the Dubbler as part of our Headdies lineup.”

We’d like to say thank you to Headdies for informing us about their awesome products, for more information, you can check out their website at headdies.com!