HempMeds Launches CBD-Epilepsy Study In Argentina

A California cannabis company is teaming up with a South American hospital to launch a new cannabidiol (CBD) study.

Today, San Diego-based Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MMI) announced a collaboration between its HempMeds subsidiary and Hospital del Cruce to study CBD’s efficiency as a treatment for adults with epilepsy.

HempMeds will donate doses of its hemp-derived RSHO-X (5,000mg) CBD products for the study.

MMI says Hospital del Cruce, a top research Argentinian facility, has Ministry of Health approval to import the HempMeds products and conduct the study

Epilepsy Center of Hospital del Cruce’s Executive Director of Neurosciences and Complex Systems, Dr. Silvia Kochan will lead the study.

HempMeds CEO Raúl Elizalde says they have been part of CBD research efforts in Latin America since 2017.

“For example, we have worked with Dr. Carlos Aguirre, a renowned neurologist in Mexico who has published two research studies that provide significant evidence for CBD as a complementary treatment for pediatric refractory and pediatric drug-resistant seizures,” says Elizalde. “In addition to our consumer sales program which operates around the world, we want to be well understood by medical professionals and organizations as a resource in Latin America, and this collaboration with Hospital del Cruce is a great step in doing so.”

MMI CEO Blake Schroeder says it’s an honor for the company to participate in the study because it reinforces the efficacy and safety of its products.

Schroeder also says it will open doors for expanded free access to cannabis-based products worldwide.

MMI says the study will be part of a broad scientific evidence initiative on treating epilepsy with CBD.

“There is little scientific evidence in Latin America that supports the advantages of CBD as a treatment for neurodegenerative disorders, and most of the research done by other researchers focuses on pediatric patients,” says Dr. Kochen. “With this new research, we will obtain broader information that will be a valuable asset for Latin American health authorities to understand and acknowledge the potential therapeutic capabilities of CBD.”