Himalaya Launches Kanab Club Social Network

A new cannabis social network has left the beta testing stage and is open to the public.

Himalaya Technologies, Inc, (HTI) today announced the launch of its wholly-owned cannabis social network Kanab Club.

HTI was formerly known as Homeland Resources Ltd.

HTI says that, after several months of closed and open testing, the site is stable, scalable, and ready to layer additional functionality.

According to the company, its programmers have completed an invite engine for subscriber contacts, a friend recommendation engine, messaging functionality, public feeds, private feeds, and a general chat forum that integrates with Discord and Weedmaps.

“We have been incubating Kanab Club for three years as a stealth project while the cannabis market, including THC and hemp products, go through a wave of state legalizations and decriminalization and the federal government slowly embraces the industry,” says HTI CEO Vik Grover. “With the latest pandemic wave, the site is ideally positioned for growth as millions of cannabis consumers and industry participants stay at home and/or work from home globally. Further, our nation is at an inflection point for cannabis, and the time could not be better to accelerate investment in this social network to target the attractive, fast-growing, and underserved cannabis niche.”

HTI says management is budgeting the development of a stock chat room, blogging, 420 dating, e-commerce, and apps for iOS and Android platforms.

According to HTI, it aims to complete much of the development phases by the end of 2022.

HTL says it is designing those and other potential future modules and features to drive traffic to the site.

The company also says it is in discussions with strategic partners in the B2C and B2B space to differentiate the site and add scope and scale to prepare for future monetization.