By Medicinal Michael

IG: @medicinal_mike


The people love to hold the joint and talk to you instead of passing it. That’s because you’re such a good listener. Just remember not to let those tears soak joints that they’re passing. You ruin your buzz.


Do I go to the dispensary this week or not? That is the big question. You’re spending a lot of time worrying about money when it’s the worrying that makes you sick to get your favorite cannabis medicine? You’re caught in a loop.


You loaned out your favorite bong for what seems like forever now. And you’re too polite to ask where it went. But the anxiety is eating you up inside, so chase down your favorite glass piece or be riddled with worry.


You have been working your butt off in the garden, and nobody has even offered to lend a hand, but you can be sure they will be there for the harvest. Try and be the bigger person and educate before cutting off anybody important.


It has been a rough season in the kitchen. You have been trying to make the perfect brownie to impress that special somebody, but they just don’t seem to see it. The missing ingredient is love.


You have just been offered your dream opportunity, but all your smoking buddies are telling you it’s a bad idea and feeding your insecurity. That’s because they won’t have as much time to spend with you and they’ll miss you, so pursue the opportunity. It doesn’t come around every day your friends do.


You paid for the weed, but your buddy went to get it. Does that make that half his? In your eyes, it does, and that’s what makes you a great friend. Your sense of fairness.


You have given until it hurts and now that you’re out who is giving back. Remember, even on an airplane; you have to put your air mask on first before you can save anybody else or you run out of pot.


Somebody loves you this week because you are being showered with gifts of green. What you don’t know is what you did that was so right, but why look a gift horse in the mouth.


When life hands you lemons, you grow lemon kush. This week is going to be a little rough for your garden, but you have more than enough skill to take on the challenge. Save some of those lemons for lemonade so you can sit back and enjoy your success.


You just completed the 21 gram dab challenge, which is an awesome conquest. Except for there are so many around you that have a zero DAP and I think that medicine could have been used better. Work smart, not hard. The lights shine brighter when you help others.


There is a strange critter in your garden that is eating up your plants but pretending to be your friend, make sure that you spray them. That kind of friend destroys your garden.