By @Ganjaglamm & Medicinal Mike Boris, @Medicinal_Mike


You spent all month surfing the smoking circle of friends, but now you’re thinking “I should just smoke this one solo.” Take some time to yourself and enjoy a good puff while you realign your Stoney chakras.


You have been making the same gross brownie forever telling yourself it is the bomb. Stop deceiving your THC receptors and ask for some help. There is a chef just dying to help that brownie reach its “highest” potential. Reach out.


You thought that old Kush plant was dead and gone…but what’s this a little root has started to sprout, and there is life again! Don’t hinder your love of gardening this time. Dive right in and grow together.


This week your thinking your garden is looking a little shabby, and you know what…It is! Get your butt in gear! You won’t believe how great it is to get rid of those unwanted bugs and pests in your life.


You always hear how people love when you pass to the left-hand side. If you really want to blow their minds keep an extra joint in your pocket and pass to the left and the right at the same time! Always be prepared to over impress this week.


Boy, aren’t you the Johnny Potseed of ideas this week! You are planting seeds everywhere you go and now is the week to kick it into double-time! You have a big field to cover, and there’s only so much awesome you can plant.


You are all about being an Indica this week. Rest and relaxation are in your sight. However, you have an annoying buddy high on Sativa fluttering his anxious creativity all over your space. You may have to open the window to let him flutter out if you’re going to get any rest or get up and flutter with him.


The only thing worse than being pegged as a lazy stoner is when you open your mouth this week and prove you’re a lazy stoner. So while you’re floating around high on a Zarilla Cookie remember you don’t think they are all watching… They really are!


You are a social stoner. You are hitting every Cannabis Cup and Hempcon event meeting all kinds of new smoking buddies. Just remember set your boundaries because not all your buddies are your friends.


You have been working at taking the biggest dab for so long and this week people are starting to notice and tell their friends. Prepare for the crown, but there is one with a mightier lung so never stop at the top. Its staying up there that’s the hard part.


You have been so used to smoking weed you have become uncomfortable with the other ways to ingest cannabis. Step outside your zone and the world will step with you. You have to be the one to step first.


OH no, you ate a magical cookie, and now you have gotten stuck in your own head! Good might as well clean up this mess while you’re in here. Emotional laundry doesn’t take any quarters so wash out that mind, so you feel like you have clean thoughts.