By: Michael Boris




When your favorite smoking buddy asks you how much you enjoy their weed don’t spend time talking about someone’s else’s better joint. Your smoking buddy can be jealous and you don’t want to ruin a good circle.


You can’t help it! You don’t eat edibles but this week you have seen the perfect brownie and it is calling to you. Seducing your mouth with its chocolatey canna goodness. Careful it’s a bribe to get you to trim or some unpleasant job. It’s worth it! Dig in!


You have been losing sleep keeping your garden alive. Nonstop you trim and till your plants and finally it is coming to an end. Soon you will be able to harvest the big buds and wash the dirt out of those nails.


You have been trying to roll that joint forever now! You feel like you’re ready to quit and start carving up that apple you were going to eat for lunch. I am here to say “Hang in there!” you are just a step away from the perfect blunt.


The next time you turn your light off in your grow room just stay in there and sit and rest. There is a tidal wave of work to do coming toward you. Rest up and gather your strength because you are about to make a lot of new friends.


You have been making the best concentrate for so long that you expect it from yourself. Sometimes you don’t feel like breaking out that extractor equipment but just know that when you do there is an eager audience.


You have been smoking this same blunt forever and you are finally at roach status. You can pass it off but if you finish it pat yourself on the back and say good job because someone needs to.


There is a snake in your garden! The question is are they there to eat rats or poison your world? You are well equipped to deal with either. So sit back and enjoy a joint and watch the show.


You are so tired of getting medicated at the same spot over and over. It is time to grab a certain stoner and head out for a trip. There may be some snuggling involved….Unless you bring Jerry. Then the snuggling part would be weird, right?!


You are a “by the book” grower but that schedule is about to change unexpectedly. This would usually mean devastation but not this time. Luckily something pleasant will be adjusting your schedule this week.


Oh, man how nice is it when you’re in the circle and both sidemates have a joint there for you? One of those joints is going to be bad pot. Don’t let them know it’s still a good time with friends.


You are one of the people who knows what a great dab tastes like. When you taste someone’s great dab shortly later in the week. Make sure that you give them a nod. They need the confidence boost.