How CBD saved my relationship!


Recently I was telling this story to six women & one man in a teepee in Venice Ca. We were discussing the benefits of CBD when I shared how I was taking a CBD infused bath while having a really intense conversation with my partner about our relationship. Believe it or not, although we were discussing some really heavy stuff, my body had NEVER been more relaxed!


But naturally there were questions..

Why were you two having an intense conversation about your relationship while in the tub? I was the only one in the tub.

Why were you in the tub and your partner was not? Because I had just met Canna Gold Life, a supplier of CBD & THC bath bombs, topicals and tinctures and I said I’d try them out and share my thoughts. I was in the tub alone because our tub is too small for two people.

Ok so why the intense conversation while you’re in the bath? Well.. We were scheduled for our first session with our new Relationship Coach the next AM and needed to fill out a long and detailed form about our relationship. This of course stirred up a bunch of muck that needed to be addressed. BUT.. Although my relationship was spiraling down a dark hole for what felt like hours.. my body was on a Hawaiian vacation!

The key to any great relationship? CBD bath bombs!