How to Create Change in your City

By Katie Burke


The cannabis community is seeking change and we are seeking it now! There have been articles published, events held, and social media blasts urging the cannabis community to come together and support safe access. There’s only been one small problem, people don’t know what to do. Below is a step by step guide to make a difference in your community.


1. The city staff works for you! The city staff, as well as city council members, are public servants. If you want to make a change in your community, call City Hall. Let your voice be heard. State why you are calling and the changes you would like to see. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Their job is to listen the public.


2. Go to your city council meetings and participate in the commentary. The city council has specific meeting times and dates. Usually, the agenda for the city council will be up on the city’s website in advance. When you get to the city council meeting you will fill out a commentary form. It usually just asks your name and if you’re a resident, it’s ok if you aren’t. The city will then call your name and you will have approximately 2 minutes to speak. The city council will not answer any questions or concerns. This is just for each individual to speak.


3. Use the media to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to post on your social media platforms, spend a few dollars to boost your post and be heard. Tag the city council members and city staff so they can see you mean business.


4. Vote! You make the choice of who’s running your city. Make sure you participate and support the candidate that best suits what you want in your city. Urge others in your community to get involved.